Goodbye Tony Fish of Madman (1982)


I hate posting R.I.P.s, but here’s a great that’s passing is gonna go unnoticed by far too many. Code Red DVD have been the bearer of bad news that Tony Fish, AKA the legendary T.P. from Madman (1982) passed away in 2009.

I couldn’t locate a good picture and it seemed in bad taste to show his character’s death scene (which, it has to be said, is one of the best shot, acted and edited kill scenes in slasher history) so I’ll leave you with the mark of man’s highest achievement: the self-named belt buckle. Pay your respects.


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7 Responses to “ Goodbye Tony Fish of Madman (1982) ”

  1. R.I.P. :( Agreed, the hot tub and white-eyed death scenes are legendary. I am just glad Fish could leave a lasting mark on the world with Madman.

  2. Oh my god, that’s so sad. He was very young… Condolences to his family…

  3. Shock till you drop posted news about there being a new DVD of madman being release from Code Red.

  4. That is a shock and I hope he has found peace with our Lord. Rest In Peace Tony.

  5. Very sad and love his appreciation of the role, in the DVD commentary.

    That belly button/belt buckle image was my avatar on this site’s old forum.

  6. Oh, so it was him. :( He was sexy in that movie and the only movie I believe I’ve seen him. I hope they release that new dvd soon!

  7. Rest in peace TP.

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