Gore House Greats Collection

ghgcSlasher fans rushing to Wal-Mart in search of Happy Birthday to Me should keep their eyes open for the $5 Gore House Greats Collection.  Most of the 12 films in the collection rank somewhere between bloody awful and drive-in trash, but there are two little gems that should interest slasher addicts.

Terrified is a proto-slasher from 1963.  The story involves a masked killer stalking an old western ghost town.  Anyone who crosses his path gets a cement bath for his troubles.  There are elements in Terrified that reminded me of Tourist Trap and Scream (1985).  The killer is pretty twisted for an early 1960s horror film.  When surrounded by cops, the killer begs the Final Girl for a few minutes of pleasure before he dies.

The best film in the collection (and the main reason I bought it) is Terror, a British film from 1978 that mixes elements from slashers and Suspiria.  Gore is heavy and the murders are brutal.  Even better, there are several creepy scenes that ooze suspense and atmosphere.  Overall, Terror is an excellent shocker.

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8 Responses to “ Gore House Greats Collection ”

  1. This is great news. I’ve wanted to see Terrified ever since I first read about it years ago. I love these movie collections. They are a cheap and easy way to watch obscure horror movies.

  2. Only $5?! And Wal-Mart might carry it? Now I have something to look forward to tomorrow when shopping around. Wasn’t this supposed to be called “Grindhouse Greats” and then got the name switched? I know a few of these have already seen releases in the “Welcome to the Grindhouse/Exploitation Cinema” double features, but I’d been looking forward to Terror, Terrified, and Blood Mania.

  3. I had Terrified (1963) in the Drive-In Cult Classics Vol. 2 set and just finally watched it thanks to this reminder. 6/10. Not bad. Some of the best music for a low budget early 60s horror film, and some effective chilling scenes. Thanks for opening my eyes. :)

  4. most, if not all, of these have already been released though BCI on various collections. Canadian Walmarts suck when it comes to DVDs, at least that’s what I’ve discovered. Theres no way any of them around here would carry anything as good as this for $5

  5. If it’s at Wal-Mart for $5 I might pick it up but I already have most of those movies in other collections.

  6. I looked at local wal-mart in Louisiana (I’m on vacation) and they don’t have any horror movies that I don’t already have or don’t want. Oh,Well I’ll look when I get back home.

  7. I was lucky to get this when it came to walmart.Its got some goodies and some shit,but great for 5 bucks!

  8. Just picked up “Gore House Greats” at BB for 6.99. It’s worth the extra couple of bucks not to have to go to Walmart.

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