Great Googily Moogily!

You know how when Halloween approaches you wring your hands in cool anticipation of all the great horror movies that will either be playing in theaters, on TV or will hopefully find a home on DVD? Well, this year you’ve really got something to wring your hands to the bone about! The folks at DVD Drive-In have announced some awesome slashers coming our way to help celebrate All Hallows’ Eve.

On October 14th, BCI will be releasing a double-feature of Mausoleum and Blood Song!!! Both are rather obscure slashers that happen to be very entertaining. If you can’t get your fill of the Marjoe Gornter gorefest featuring a beautiful Bobbie Bressee with beastish breasts, then you might find some satisfaction in the eerie Blood Song which presents Frankie Avalon as a serial killer (!) and Donna Wilkes (Angel, Jaws 2) as the women with a psychic connection to him. Both films get the Amanda By Night seal of approval!

Also on October 14th, look for a director’s cut of Sweet Sixteen. This much maligned potboiler (when I say maligned, I mean by people who can’t enjoy a good slasher, of course!) has truly stood the test of time. Catch Dana Kimmel (Friday the 13th 3D) in her most spirited performance and a sexy Bo Hopkins as the guy who is supposed to solve the crime. Code Red has put together a lot of nice extras to go along with the movie.

There are also several other non-slasher horror titles coming out from BCI in October as well. Drop by DVD Drive-In for the list and start saving your pennies!

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7 Responses to “ Great Googily Moogily! ”

  1. Awesome. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve always wanted to check out the TV movie Crowhaven Farm. I had no idea it was being released.

  2. “beautiful Bobbie Bressee with beastish breasts”- I just sprained my tongue trying to say that 10 times fast. Plus I got fired for saying it out-loud.
    “Sorry hon, bad news. No oral tonight. Oh, and I got fired.”

    Don’t worry, she beats me till I bruise, I make inappropriate comments online. It works for us.

    What’s that dot behind me? Oh, the line. When did I cross that?

  3. great news!!! i love mausoleum and blood song also sweet sixteen!!! Now i know what dvd i will buy this october :)

  4. somme one tack me about that movie he say is very intence movie is tru whath is the story of that movie

  5. crowhaven farm? Isn’t that a Warner Bros. title? what country is this coming out.

  6. I always loved the cover for Mausoleum.

  7. Great news, it will be interesting to see what Sweet Sixteen and Mausoleum look like all cleaned up on DVD. I’m sad to say I’ve never seen Blood Song before but if Donna Wilkes is in it, consider it bought!

    Enough grievin, I’m leavin’!

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