H2 – And now for something completely different…

Another image from H2. Your thoughts?


Source: Rob Zombie

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7 Responses to “ H2 – And now for something completely different… ”

  1. Pumpkin mask?

  2. Reminds me of the melting pumpkin masks from Halloween 3. As long as that ‘Happy Happy Halloween’ song isn’t in the movie, otherwise it’ll be stuck in my head for days.

  3. Three more days ’till Halloween,Halloween,Halloween,Three more days ’till Halloween,Silver Shamrock! LOL

  4. I LOVE how This one is gonna be more halloween themed

  5. Finally! Rob Zombie has now brought us a creepy moment from H2. It’s about time. Only so many hobo killers can one take in small doses before they go insane.

  6. Looks like Saw, Halloween 3 and the original TCM had a love child… and it came out ugly.

  7. Wow, actual kudos to Rob for offering up something intriguing and off-kilter. I’d wager a dream sequence as excuse to get all wild and trippy in a Michael Myers movie.

    Otherwise, hmm. Perhaps Michael Myers has an ancient civilization of Pumpkin Demons from the Renaissance living inside his brain?

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