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Whatever side of the fence you sit on regarding Rob Zombie’s take on Michael Myers, H2: Halloween 2 is the most anticipated slasher of 2009 behind Platinum DunesFriday the 13th reboot. Some have praised the director’s new direction, whilst the hardcore fans have blasted him for perverting the character from John Carpenter’s original vision. But will Zombie finally deliver the ultimate Halloween movie or will this be as pointless as Resurrection?

Find out for yourself on August 28 2009…

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3 Responses to “ H2: Halloween 2 Gallery ”

  1. I was one of the few associated with this website who actually liked the first one, but after seeing the trailer for this sequel, I admit that I am skeptical that the movie is going to be any good.

    They gave away what seems to be a key plot element in the trailer, and it looks like Michael is motivated by voices from his mother? Sound familiar? I will surely go and see the latest film, but like I said before I am a bit skeptical.

  2. I too liked the remake and am looking forward to this.

  3. I laugh my ass off when I think about how fucking stupid Rob Zombie has become over the years. It’s really unbelieveable to me that he has literally shit on John Carpenter’s legacy & turned it into another one of his sick-minded, inbred, pile of shit movies. I can’t believe he used to make some awsome music & now he’s pretty much turned into some retard who needs to feature his bitch in every movie he does just to get some action. I was actually anticipating his version of the remake before it came out but then when I saw what he had done I literally started to make copies & sell em for $5 a copy while it was in theatres & actually made a bit more than $200 off em, can’t wait to get back in business so thanks ya dumb fuck.

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