Halloween II Bombs, Now the Real Bloodbath Begins

h2posterThe layoffs have started at The WeinsteinCompany just one week after Rob Zombie’s Halloween II finished a disappointing third at the box-office. TWC, once a major player in Hollywood, had pinned its survival on the box-office performance of Halloween II. The films pulled from release so TWC could safe enough money to promote Inglourious Basterds and H2 are now in limbo until the Weinsteins find another bunch of suckers to lend them money. Even if TWC scraped up enough cash to release the films they’re sitting on there is little chance of them having a box-office hit.

So what does this mean for slasher fans? Don’t expect to see Halloween 3D or a new Scream at your local cineplex anytime soon. I don’t care what the press release says, I doubt TWC will be around long enough to rush H3D into production. Me thinks the announcement of a new installment was really just a ploy, a sort of weak attempt by TWC to make things appear as if everything is just fine after they saw the box-office returns.

Go to www.deadline.com/hollywood/unhappy-halloween-weinstein-co-layoffs/ to read the more about TWC’s troubles and Hollywood’s reaction.

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29 Responses to “ Halloween II Bombs, Now the Real Bloodbath Begins ”

  1. I hope Rob Cummings sleeps well at night in his lush mansion, knowing that the Weinsteins are firing peons as we speak!

  2. this is sad
    i want scream 4
    AND H3D!

  3. While I feel bad for the people who are laid off, I hope this will convince people not to hire Rob to direct anything

  4. I’m mixed on this one. I think Rob has “talent”. However, I just don’t think “Halloween” meshed well with his style. Although I am actually a bit disappointed that “Halloween II” did poorly only because I actually liked it. I initially HATED Rob Zombie’s remake and had NO HOPE for this one, but once I gave in, I ended up watching it twice. I was really surprised by it. It wasn’t what I expected AT ALL to come from him (after watching the borderline terrible remake), and I think it was that way on purpose. Like Zombie had to prove to the world HE COULD direct a “good” film. I think he really did with this, and I think it’s just sad that it will go down as a very underrated sequel because everyone expected/wanted to hate it (myself included). On the other hand, “Inglorious Bastards” really DID suck, I felt it was QT’s WORST film, and “Halloween II” was WAYYYYYYYY better, and it was a damn sequel to a remake!!! “I.G.” was way overrated, and I didn’t find it funny, cool, hip or intelligent, which I usually do with a Tarantino film. This one was a big letdown, and they spent WAY too much money promoting it in the first place. I’m glad they are going under for that reason alone.

  5. I think if they just waited a week or two more to release H2 it would have made all the difference. Regardless of the quality of H2, there was no way it could win going up against TFD in 3-D. They only have themselves to blame for this stupid mistake. Besides the Final-D issue, why did they want H2 to compete with their own Tarantino film? Are they just crazy?

  6. The Weinstein’s downward slide has been going on for years. Even if Halloween II grossed as much as Inglorious Bastards, the company would still be dismantling. It’s unfortunate bad timing for Halloween fans, as all the R.Z. haters are even more annoying as they declare “Zombie killed Halloween and the Weinsteins!”. The Weinsteins will have to change the way they do business, but they will certainly find a way to produce and work within this industry, and Halloween II’s grosses are far from a bomb, meaning we will certainly see more Halloweens in the future. The franchise has changed studios multiple times. Get ready for Platinum Dunes’ Halloween!

  7. I have mixed feelings about this post and the responses. First of all Halloween II was atrocious anyway you slice it. I am not a Rob Zombie hater either just a person who paid money to see a really, really bad film. And can we call this movie a bomb? The movie made back it’s entire budget in it opening weekend. Albeit the budget was small for the film the financial backers for the film will all get their money back. The film may have performed under expectations sure, but rightfully so when you see the completed picture. Will this be the end of Halloween? I doubt it, but perhaps it should. I will curiously wait and see if Halloween 3-D actually goes into production or not. But if you look at how past horror 3-D films have performed, you would be a fool not to sink a few bucks into this one. Whether Dimension does another Halloween or the franchise moves to another studio I think Halloween is far from dead.

  8. I guess people don’t like the WWE version of Michael Myers.

  9. Why do people want to see the Weinsteins or Rob Zombie fail? That is a good question. Dimension after all gave us SCREAM, which was a pretty good slasher – post modern or not. If there is any truth to the Weinsteins being screw jobs with others then by all means, perhaps they deserve whatever arrows get shot their way. Now some may come to their defense and say that ALL of Hollywood and the system can be a screw job and this is just business as usual. However I worked in Hollywood for 12 years and like nothing better than to see the schemers and the cheaters get their asses handed to them. It reminds them that they are not Gods, no matter what their ego tells them. I do feel sorry for any of the little people that perhaps work for people like this, as they are always the ones that feel the brunt of the pink slip first when things go bad.
    As to Robert Cummings, I have never been a fan of his music, therefore I was not coming into the setting of seeing his movies from a fanboy perspective. I watched House of 1,000 Corpses and for his first film it is not terrible. However it is in so many ways too much an homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and that cannot be ignored. Plus in listening to the commentary he was careless in a few places with people’s safety, of which there is no excuse for.
    The Devil’s Rejects is a continuation of this insane family, but it is in many respects Cumming’s most original film. While taking much of his grindhouse love and putting it up on the screen, it at least feels fresh. I give him kudos for that. There were only a couple of bones to pick with this one. The first being the only entire sepia tone look of the picture. I’m sorry people but orange brown for a look is dusty and boring. The second being that no matter how hard he was going to try, he cannot make this family interesting, likeable anti-heros. These are people that have done vile, horrifying acts to innocents and no amount of trying to make the police force look over zealous is going to wash that taint from the firefly family.
    We then move on the Halloween – which is considered a classic. Sure it is dated, but then again so is Psycho. However that doesn’t mean you go tampering with something you shouldn’t. There are things about Robert Cumming’s Halloween that work. For one, it is the first and only decent acting job I have seen Sheri Moon Zombie do. Secondly it has some interesting insights into young Michael. But that is where the good ends. Cummings may feel that his style is showing a “white trash horror.” That is not going to fit every movie, and it doesn’t fit Halloween. The original had a vibe going for it that this all but ignores; Michael came from a decent middle class family, and was normal, even handsome looking as a boy. This is what was scary – that someone normal snapped. In Cummings Halloween right off the bat it is shown that Michael’s life is shit, so there is no jolt when he goes off the deep end. Nor does there seem to be anyone really to root for, and the three girls in the second half do not go out of their way to garner sympathy from the audience.
    I have not seen Halloween II, so I cannot fairly talk about it. The fact that it did not do great numbers may be a signal to finally put the Halloween franchise to bed. It may serve to Cummings that he needs to try to be original and to stop treading from what is past for inspiration. Perhaps it is a challenge being called out to him to step outside his “white trash horror” comfort zone and try a white collar office thriller. Time will tell.


  11. “Bomb” “Failure” whatever you want to call it, Halloween 2 was not very much of a success. You should research before you leave a dumb comment, and take the cap lock off while you’re ate it.

  12. Good. Hope this worthless franchise dies now like it should have years ago. Enough is enough. No more god damn HALLOWEEN movies!

  13. Why all the hatred towards Halloween? I personally love the franchise and Michael Myers, when the movies are decent. Most of the Halloween’s were decent enough. Sure the last one tanked but I hate to think it would be the end all of the franchise. Like I stated in my earlier post though, if the films continue down this road then – yes…let this be the last one. Any time a slasher film makes it to the screen is good enough for me though. I hate to think that slashers could go cold again. I hope Sorrirty Row does well enough. We’ll wait and see.

  14. “Halloween” COULD be a good series again if someone who had an original idea and true passion for the original film came along (***cough***DANTE TOMASELLI***cough***) and was finally given a chance to bring the “franchise” back to it’s roots. I don’t see what’s so difficult about writing a GOOD script. Sure, I feel the “Halloween II” remake was a HUGE improvement over the “Halloween” remake…and it’s even a step in the right direction, but so many elements from the original series was absent that “Halloween II” didn’t even “feel” like a “Halloween” film. If they didn’t go to a Halloween Party in the movie, you wouldn’t even know it was supposed to be that day! This franchise has lost all of it’s impact and charm over the years. Weinstiens need to think in more “action/result” terms. You’d think by now they would have learned from past mistakes.

  15. Poor Rob Zombie. I’m sure he’ll rebound with The Blob. It’ll become an instant classic. A tour de force in terror not seen since The sequel to the Remake of the Texas ChainSaw Massacre.

  16. In the next 24 hours, Halloween II will outgross Halloween: Resurrection to be the fourth highest grossing in a series of ten (though not fourth highest in attendance of course). That is not a bomb.

    Now Sorority Row opening with just over $5 million and Whiteout opening under $5 million, those we can call bombs.

  17. Saw H2 last night. It was garbage. There, I said it.

    White horses suck.

  18. First off, H2 didn’t bomb, because it made all of it’s money back on the first weekend. The budget was $15 million, and it made $16 million. That isn’t a bomb. The dumb fucks that posted this article need to learn about box office, and H3D is coming out next year seeing as the project is moving along just fine.

  19. I agree with everyone that realizes Halloween 2 didn’t bomb. It’s made a little over 30 million to date. Sorority Row, Jennifer’s Body and Whiteout are what you call bombs.

  20. wow its funny to read all the bashing from people! before they can be hired to make a movie you all cant say much! I am a FX artist, worked in the horror business for a bit now! I enjoyed All Zombies films, including H2. I knew there was going to be alot of haters when I seen it opening night! Just because it was different from all the others and thats not what these so called horror fans want! Most like to see the same lame no plot movie when Myers just walks around killing people! I don’t see how you can even compare Robs Halloweens to the Friday remake because that was a terrible movie. Zombies vision made Myers how he should of been in the originals, just a man, not some super natural freak who never dies! I respect Rob because he dont make money films, you know a bad film made just to make money, he made a more realistic film that everyone wont get! As far as being a flop! Far from a flop…15 million budget and it made that and them some…I believe over 30 million now, and thats not including international…thats why you will all see another dumb halloween with a director who cares nothing about the movie but only do it because he is going to get paid to make it! Im glad Rob has the sense to step away from the series. Its over M. Myers is fucking dead! unlike 3 to 8, now they were all terrible! but thats what all you haters who think you can make a movie like to see so I bet you will all enjoy it, and especially if its in 3D…yeah another way to sell tickets! yeah its cool sometimes but it doesnt make it a good movie! I have to add…atleast Rob has the balls to make movies the way he sees them and not let the movie companies tell him what to make like almost every director out there! Also add that Rob uses a real make up artist and not a bunch of digital effects or bad artist. Wayne VERY Nice job on the effects! Keep on hating! morons :)

  21. First off, why is it that anytime someone doesnt like something they are branded as a “hater”? Who started this assinine trend using that word? It just sounds like fuckin’ highschool to me.
    ANYWAY! Halloween 2 sucked! The only reason i saw it was because I’d promise some friends i’d go. Big mistake. Being a huge fan of the orginal this once again is an obviuos cash grab. There is nothing scary or creepy about this film. When is rob going to learn that showing a bloodbath does not mean horror? Hasnt this guy ever seen a hitchcock film? Christ…
    So this is what horror has become? So sad man. I’ll take the horror / thriller films from the 70’s and 80’s anyday over this mindless garbage. Went home that night….watched the orginal carpenter classic and felt better… ;)

  22. PS) Rembrantd36:

    I loved your post!

    You truly hit the nail on the head with your view on the halloween remake vs. the orginal.


  23. Just to let you know…film companies recieve around 55% of the films box office, the other 45% going to the theatres. So if H2 made 30 million, only 16.5 go back to WC. Advertising is about 50% of a films budget, so 7.5 million. So a film that cost 22.5 million (which I’m sure is much more after all costs are tallied) to put into theatres has only made 16.5.

  24. Halloween 3-D isn’t going ahead now. YAYYYYYY there is a GOD!!!

  25. R.Z.’s Halloween II is getting a rerelease on October 30. It’s been a long time since a new Halloween film has played on its namesake holiday. Already planning to go with some new viewers.

  26. I’m definatly buying the DVD but I will go see it again. Hell Yeah!!

  27. It should be noted that the original Halloween II was also released on October 30th, so its fitting the new Halloween II will hit on that date again.

  28. ah well, at least I enjoyed H2, and I don’t really fancy another Halloween movie in this generation (especially since everything ended so well!…though, I do wished to see Laurie don the knife and start a killing spree herself. we need more slasher girls, people!)

    Second, I’m not sure, either that I want another Scream movie. what are they planning now?

  29. to Tom Blood
    …Bless you! These fans should be more open to these changes, especially if the movie itself did feature some good points. they kept focusing on the negatives (and the not-so-negative-yet-seen-negatives) that they’re missing the good point of the movie!

    A more scarier Micheal, he’s real, people, not just a lumbering zombie-eque supernatural madman who have an identity problem 9first laurie is killed, then she lives, then killed! what is your aim, Micheal?! Jason kills to protect his territory, Freddy kills for satisfying his urge for sadistic love play and Leatherface kills for food. how about You Michael? You’re cool and all, but you lack aim. (the 1978 original and it’s sequel was the best! and Rob’s version is just a more updated and more realistic version of that!)

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