Halloween II Retrospective in Fango #288


Any Halloween fan wanting to know more about the rest of the night HE came home should check out Pat Jankiewicz’s interesting retrospective in the current issue of Fangoria. Director Rick Rosenthal reveals how behind-the-scenes battles between John Carpenter and Dino De Laurentiis changed what scenes made it into the final film. Dean Cundey and several members of the cast also provide anecdotes about characters, missing scenes, and rumors of heavy drug use on the set. There’s also a hint Rosenthal is working on a director’s cut of Halloween II due for release next year.

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7 Responses to “ Halloween II Retrospective in Fango #288 ”

  1. Definitely interested in the DC!

  2. awesome, i cant wait for a decent dvd of halloween 2, hopefully it will have a 5.1 surround mix this time around :)

  3. I love this move already as it is. You can definitely chalk me up for a copy of the director’s cut. Looking forward to this one!

  4. I read this in the bookstore & it was okay. The drug use thing I think was two sentences, so not very juicy, and implications on no one. Dino didn’t like the razor blade scene but John & Debra Hill did, so it stayed. Dean turned down work on Poltergeist w/ Spielburg because he was promised as part of the deal on H2, so he didn’t work w/ Steve for a couple years because of that. But eventually he did. The girl that got topless was embarrassed, Mrs. Alves liked her death, Jimmy was embarrassed by his scenes, and the blond nurse was raised up by a rig.

    There you go, saved you the trouble.

  5. Awesome retrospective in Fangoria, worth the price for the rare pics alone. Fangoria #15 from 1981 remains one of my favorite covers ever with the Halloween II poster image. All these decades later and Fangoria is still writing about the film. Love it.

  6. Cool! Halloween II was the one that got me into horror movies in general and slashers in particular.

    A new release of this with a director’s cut is a sure purchase, but I hope it will also contain a new transfer of the original cut. :)

  7. i agree i would love a h2 dvd with special features ,halloween 2 was a great sequel and also it was creepy ,was a well shot film ,and it didnt rely once again on strait gore to make a good horror film,i wanna see a michael myers film without tyler mane playing michael myers,rob zombie is one of the best commerical artists of our time ,but i really just dont like what hes done with the halloween films

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