Halloween: The Final Issue Of Laurie Strode

3bPraise be Thorn! As we recently suggested, it’s now confirmed that we’ll be able to get the third and final issue of HALLOWEEN: THE FIRST DEATH OF LAURIE STRODE soon enough! For those not in the know, this mini-series covers the in-continuity but up till now unknown circumstances in which Laurie faked her death and became Keri Tate as discussed in HALLOWEEN H20. Bet you thought the fakery involved standard witness protection procedural, right? Wrong.

It takes place after HALLOWEEN 2 and involves Michael Myers hanging around Haddonfield post-Halloween, causing trouble and death for a town in denial. Perfectly seguewaying the second and seventh films, this mini-series is certainly a treat for fans. And it’s no trick, the final issue is coming!

Here’s the skinny and some gorgeous variant cover art by Shawn McManus.

After something of a lengthy delay the final issue of ‘Halloween: The First Death of Laurie Strode’ is back on, and will be  hitting the shelves shortly.  We’ll definitely be giving you the exact date as it comes in, but know that as of now the delay is over, and the book is being worked on.  Issue 3 is coming to stores just as surely as Michael is coming for Laurie.

As with issues 1 & 2 the creative team on this book will be Stefan Hutchinson on writing, and Jeff Zornow on interior art.  Alternate covers will also be available and feature  work by Jon Rea, Shawn McManus (as noted in the picture above), Omaha Perez, and of course  Jeff Zornow.

Source: Halloween Comics

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  1. you know i have yet to get any halloween comics
    but im gonna get them ALL soon.

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