Happy Birthday To Me, Anchor Bay DVD


On October 13th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME comes home, again, in a more befitting release. You may remember Columbia’s DVD featured a shockingly uncalled for cover, and the soundtrack had been replaced seemingly due to music rights issues.

Now Anchor Bay Entertainment (or Starz if you absolutely must get technical), the old-school kings of US Slashers on DVD, correct both slights as you can see in the retailer advert above, posted on the ever-awesome Horror Digital Forum.

No word yet on extras or uncut status, but if MY BLOODY VALENTINE taught us anything, there’s nothing that isn’t possible between now and release date. If you want to let Anchor Bay know you support the inclusion of the MPAA-censored gore scenes, write nice letters to DL-TRY-Horror@Starz.com.

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32 Responses to “ Happy Birthday To Me, Anchor Bay DVD ”

  1. Yeah the previous DVD release was a little crap. Hopefully they’ll do a release as good as the recent My Bloody Valentine!

  2. This is awesome news John!!! One of the most inventive slashers that came out in the hey day! This is screaming for a special release!! Hopefully there will be some decent extra’s like a commentary track and some interviews and making off stuff. The uncut gore would be priceless in this film and I tell you October is looking to be an awesome month for horror! It’s about time the past few years have been fairly dormant with the horror releases.

  3. This is effing BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! What a great year for horror movie releases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED that advertisement for my collection!!! Would look great next to my HBTM lobby cards!!!

  4. This Is Awesome Can’t Wait To See What Other Classic Horror
    Flicks Are Released. This Halloween

  5. This Is For C Youngblood 2007 Was An Excellent Year For Horror

    6. BASKET CASE 2

    Just To Name A Few

  6. Phantasm II Is Coming To Dvd Sept 15th As Well Region 1
    What An Awesome Year For Horror.

  7. very cool hopefully there will be uncut footage put back into the film

  8. Jamie, Thanks for the info and The Burning would have been the only one I was interested in out of the bunch. With The Stepfather Parts 1 and 2, Happy Birthday To Me and the one I am looking forward to the most..Trick R Treat this is going to be a killer year for horror! (No pun intended)

  9. Normally I could care less about DVD artwork since most re-releases tend to ignore the original theatrical art anyways, I’ve always been more interested in a quality transfer of the film. But while the OOP DVD of this film looked good (soundtrack issues notwithstanding) it featured a truly stupid cover, so it’s nice to see that Anchor Bay is on hand to deliver a (hopefully) definitive edition of the second-best Canadian slasher ever lensed.

  10. Looks like Anchor Bay has been returning to its roots lately

  11. I hope this does mean a returning to its roots for Anchor Bay, as Anthony concluded.

    I’m not the biggest fan of Happy Birthday to Me, but I’m glad it’s finally getting done right.

    If Anchor Bay still owns the rights to Madman, Hell Night, and Link, I’d love to see those on Blu-ray.

  12. I’m very excited for this release! :)

  13. Sent this message to Starz the other night:


    Just discovered your intentions to re-release the very deserving Happy Birthday To Me,a seminal slasher of the early 80s.For years,I have been dying to see this one uncut and unrated.Such awesome
    deaths,and so obviously-censored that it detracts from the impact.Even
    Bernadette’s by-the-numbers throat slash is a monumental event with remarkable
    giallo flavor.

    I hope that you have access to the snipped scenes (I know that they exist,as a bootleg circulates the Web from time to time with all of the excised “money shots”)so that you can at least tack the deleted scenes on as
    a special feature. Either way,I will have to double
    dip,though I actually prefer the replacement score,(I never saw the
    movie with the original score beyond a Youtube clip after all,and found
    the previous DVD score ratcheted up the suspense, at least during the
    backseat attack).

    Still,some extra effort toward an above-average slashfest would be
    appreciated,as well as serving as a great incentive for previous buyers
    to scoop this edition up.Lionsgate created a seamless branching option for the gore of 1981’s My Bloody Valentine at the last minute,and as a result became one of the top selling DVDs for many websites.There is a massive demand for this footage,please consider re-integrating(or simply including)it.Here’s hoping….

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    His reply:

    “The version we are releasing is the MPAA rated version with the orchestral score, not the disco score that was on the previous DVD release.”

    Looks like its petition time…………..

  14. Start a petition and I’ll sign it! Maybe he wasn’t trying to be an ass to you, though. It’s already great that we’re getting the original version released to DVD. However, I would sign a petition to get it released uncut and/or with deleted scenes as extras. Anyone know where I can get an actual UNCUT version??

  15. I won’t bother with it if it isn’t uncut

  16. Hey Tony I Believe The Region 2 Dvd Is UNCUT But It Has The Altered Music Score. It Does Have The Original Music Score
    But The Movie Is In German

  17. This was a great slasher movie. I wouldn’t call it a straight out horror film though. It wasn’t scary, but it was fun to watch. I’m glad the film is being released with the proper soundtrack. I watched the old DVD version, and the disco music sucks. I never thought I’d get to see the original version of this movie.

  18. OMG I can’t wait for this, I was hoping they would re-release this in it’s proper format!

  19. Wait…the kill-scenes are censored…well now thats not proper.

  20. I’m sure not gonna buy it again if it’s cut. Bummer.

  21. I’m sure not gonna buy it again if it’s cut. Definitely disappointing.

  22. fuck blu ray

  23. At least, even if it gets released cut, then the original music will still be restored. I hope they venture to the internet to see posted opinions and get the hint that fans want it to be uncut, thats only expected with a re-release.

  24. “Fuck Blu Ray”?? What the hell does Blu Ray have to do with it? The article doesn’t even mention there being a BR release. Wish there was, but it hasn’t been announced

  25. I actually agree with the statement “Fuck Blu Ray”. It’s not a HUGE improvement over DVD, like DVD was with VHS. It’s just a new marketing scheme to get our money. Sadly, everyone’s buying in.

  26. I certainly haven’t bought into the blu-ray scam. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the DVD format and from what I hear, blu-ray’s look and feel is a small comparison to what is offered on DVD. So, until DVD disappears like VHS and 8-Track tapes, I won’t buy into the blu-ray format.

  27. no it was a good release but it was the same old r rated version
    the uncut footage does exist as uncut pics were shown in fangoria in an old retrospective few isssues ago,but they have not surfaced yet
    prob suffer the same fate as my bloody valentine(1981) and other friday 13ths
    lets hope someone appraoches the director about the uncut scenes

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