Happy Birthday To Me In Glorious HD And Restored Soundtrack?

happybdayA rumor was posted on HorrorDVDs.com regarding the version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME is airing this month in the States on FearNet/Comcast in both standard-definition and HD.

The tantalizing tidbit however is that it contains the original, real soundtrack to the film instead of the alternative score pressed onto the Columbia DVDs. I haven’t been able to secure a 100% confirmation or link on this yet but will update as soon as I do.

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5 Responses to “ Happy Birthday To Me In Glorious HD And Restored Soundtrack? ”

  1. Ugh. Figures! They got rid of FEARnet on my cable (I have Time Warner in Ohio). I haven’t even bothered to pick up the DVD just because of how many people have complained about the original soundtrack and the lack of any good special features.

  2. it be nice to get a blu ray? RELEASE

  3. Ack! They just got rid of Fear Net here in NYC.
    That really blows.
    i’m calling to complain.

    The dvd is out of print, BTW.

  4. I tried to call and complain to Time Warner about FEARnet being cancelled and they just gave me the run-around. Hopefully enough horror fans will complain and get FEARnet back on!!

  5. You can watch Happy Birthday to Me on Amazon Video on Demand or Itunes with the original soundtrack :-) So until a new DVD comes out, you can save it to your computer!

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