Happy Memorial Day

memorialvalleymassacreDear Yanks, can’t say I know anything about Memorial Day, because all I learned about holidays I learned from retro slasher flicks. So today is dedicated to retro slasher MEMORIAL VALLEY MASSACRE (1988). This could have ridden the holiday slasher wave if it hadn’t come so late in the 80’s, but oh well!

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3 Responses to “ Happy Memorial Day ”

  1. YAY! You’re on the right track. This movie is VERY historical (or hysterical, I forget!).

  2. I’m a Yank and I learned more about these holidays from slasher movies than any place else. MEMORIAL VALLEY MASSACRE is great. Cave boy FTW.

  3. MVM is a great hunk o’ cheese that gets better with repeated viewings!

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