Happy Mother's Day


Hope you are all spending mother’s day best and treating her right – remember, you only have one. First rumored last year but now confirmed – MOTHER’S DAY is next on the redux list. Oddly, they refer to it as a remake but from the plot, it’s clearly a sequel. Or should I say, requel!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Twisted Pictures, the Genre Co. and Rat Entertainment have lined up a financing deal with LightTower Entertainment to remake Charles Kaufman’s 1980 Troma cult classic “Mother’s Day.”

Darren Lynn Bousman, who has helmed three films in the “Saw” franchise, is attached to direct from a script by Scott Milam.

The original “Mother’s Day” revolved around three female friends who, while camping, run afoul of two brothers who engage in murder and rape to impress their deranged mother. The remake sees the villainous family return to the house where they grew up and terrorize the new owners and their guests.

“We’re taking the iconic image of a mother, the most comforting and nurturing person in the world, and perverting that into something that is punishing and sadistic,” Genre’s Richard Saperstein said.

He added that the remake will be timely, reflecting today’s foreclosures and tough economic times. “She’s lost her house,” Saperstein said. “Her boys are going to get it back to her.”

Saperstein is producing with Genre’s Brian Witten. “Saw” producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules, along with Carl Mazzocone, also are producing, as are Brett Ratner and Jay Stern through Rat Entertainment.

LightTower partners Jonathan Zucker and Curtis Leopardo are executive producers on the project. Kaufman and Troma Entertainment co-founder Lloyd Kaufman also will exec produce, as will Genre’s Stephen Kessler. Shara Kay will co-produce. Jessie Rusu is an associate producer.

The producers are eyeing a July start and a spring release timed for Mother’s Day 2010.

Saperstein acknowledged that many horror movies are seeing their tone informed by last year’s surprise hit “The Strangers.” He said the tone of the “Mother’s Day” remake “will be post-‘Strangers’ in that is has very realistic qualities but has a high-concept overlay, this punishing maternal figure.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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11 Responses to “ Happy Mother's Day ”

  1. Who in their right mind would buy Mother, Ike and Addley’s house? That house was absolutely disgusting.

  2. Don’t you know in the remake she’ll be played by Paris Hilton and live in a spotless mansion? I mean, that just makes sense, right? ;)

  3. Amanda! Where is TBC? :(

    So another remake that we do not really need? Fantastic. :|

  4. Josh, I got a message from Joe. They’re down probably until Friday. He said don’t fret, the posts should still be all there upon the board’s return!

  5. Aww, perfect. Thanks. :)

  6. Oh well, that’s just more time to post with all of you fine folks here. I’m really enjoying this site. It’s a collection of some really talented writers who not only enjoy talking about horror, but are knowledgeable as well. I haven’t seen a new topic I haven’t been impressed with yet.

  7. Oops, misspelled my nickname in that last post, but you know who I am. :P

  8. I, for one, love the original (as indefensible as it is), and I try to let remakes have their day in court, but something about this synopsis rubs me the wrong way. Someone buying Mother’s house would SEEM to indicate it wouldn’t be a forgotten, middle-of-the-wooded-nowhere TCM hellhole of the original, and that’s already strike one. Strike two: The Strangers. I LOVED that film, but it’s style is totally wrong for a revamp of something like this, WAY too turned-down & subtle. If this were announced for 2006, I’d be pretty excited, but as it stands our really sicko mainstream movies seem to be drying up. BUT, who am I kiddin’…I’m still excited!

  9. I’m guessing, like real houses, they clean up, repaint, modify etc. before selling it, to up its value.

  10. Maybe I’m reading the synopsis wrong, but I was under the impression her house was foreclosed (sp?) upon, which lead me to believe that her boys were taking on the bank. That might be interesting in a vigilante kind of way…

  11. I’ve never seen The Strangers, so I don’t know what you guys mean in relation to Mother’s Day. However, I’m not digging the synopsis as of now. This is definitley one remake that I am looking forward to. As I tend to say, it’s the underdogs such as this one that could possibly benefit a remake.

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