Hardware DVD Details

For all those who are wise enough to own a multi-region DVD player, this Monday Optimum Home Entertainment will release an ultra sexy special edition of Richard Stanley’s UK sci-fi slasher Hardware, which saw a soldier (Dylan McDermott) returning home through a post apocalyptic world where he discovers a robot skull. But it soon becomes active and starts rebuilding itself and sets its sights on his girlfriend (Stacey Travis)…

Released simultaneously on Blu-ray, the DVD set will contain –
– UK exclusive commentary with the director and producer
- Voices of the Moon - documentary by Richard Stanley
– Richard Stanley sci-fi short – Road to Perdition
– Two of Richard Stanley’s Super 8 shorts
– Never before seen deleted, extended and behind the scenes clips
– Original market promo
– Set of original concept art cards
– Booklet containing linear notes written by Kim Newman and Shok!


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8 Responses to “ Hardware DVD Details ”

  1. Sexy indeed! Here here for sci-fi slashers!

  2. For once i’m glad i live in the uk. Will have a look for this

  3. Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

    One of my faves, ever. It’s ridiculous that Season One of “My Mother the Car” is on DVD, but not this!

  4. Yeah I’m pleased this has finally been given a good release. Let us know if you guys want the DVD reviewed and I’ll see what I can do ;-)

  5. I want to get the soundtrack on CD. I’ve had the cassette for ages. I do think it’s available, I’ve just been cheap! :)

    Would love to see this again. I remember so little about it except for Iggy Pop as the DJ. He was awesome.

  6. Severin is also working on an edition for us non Multi Region People right?

  7. Boooo to the lack of Hardware in the U.S. and Canada… looks like I’ll be holding on to my vhs a little while longer. AMAZING underrated sci-fi awesomeness! Visually stunning, hilarious and way bloody :)

  8. Easy solution… buy a multi region DVD player, they’re cheap enough. That’s what I had to do with most region 2 releases being inferior. There’s always a better release somewhere else so being able to watch any region is extremely helpful. And with so many films still being unavailable in the UK (such as the recent release of Slaughter High), sometimes ordering from abroad is the only option.

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