Hardware Makes Its Way to US Blu-ray

Following on from the region 2 special edition and the news of an American counterpart on its way, the latest treat for fans of the 1990 sci-fi slasher Hardware is that it is now set to debut on US Blu-ray.

Exactly how it will compare to the UK release is uncertain, but the movie will be released by Severin Films on September 29.

No news as yet regarding special features but we’ll keep you posted…


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4 Responses to “ Hardware Makes Its Way to US Blu-ray ”

  1. How good is this film? I have lately been hearing alot about it, and saw the high priced DVDs on Amazon and was wondering if it deserves the hype?

  2. If you click on the first link in the article above (where it says region 2) that will take you to a review of not only the r2 DVD but of the film itself

  3. This is one of my favorites. I was very lucky to be in attendance at the first studio screening in L.A. many months before its eventual release, before the film was cut by the MPAA for gore and by Miramax for weirdness. I hope that original UK cut I viewed will be on display here. I haven’t seen that version in 19 years. They didn’t use the awful American artwork, so my hopes are up.

  4. Just saw that this is the uncut version previously unreleased in the USA.

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