Harry Warden makes the cover of Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue #86 sports a sweet cover featuring the slasher star of the month, Harry Warden. The issue features a new interview with director George Mihalka and producer John Dunning. The gore shots included with the interviews will make your mouth water for the new uncut dvd. The remake is also covered, but only for one page.

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8 Responses to “ Harry Warden makes the cover of Rue Morgue ”

  1. It’s a great issue indeed and agree that all this love for My Bloody Valentine is very much over due but is it overkill? Being a Canadian export to the world, the movie has always been a little piece of Canucksploitation as mentioned here and in extensively in the book “They Came From Within: A History Of Canadian Horror Cinema” so it’s always been close to our cold hearts up here. It’s treatment by the MPAA is deplorable and I’m glad that it’s finally getting a proper release but before all this hype the movie was never on anyone’s top ten slasher epics, now it’s starting the pop up on lists everywhere, even before the un-cut version even hits stores. I just hope it has less to do with hype and more to do with a small little film that was mistreated and is now getting it’s chance to shine (or bleed out).

  2. Couldn’t disagree more, Urban. This is on my top 10 slasher list, probably in the top 5. Glad to see it’s finally getting the respect it deserves.

  3. I get my copie tomarrow and i might get two for my friend’s birthday party.

    I have been waiting for this dvd since last year.

  4. Yottnik, that’s so great to hear but I stand by my statement for the most part,perhaps I should have rounded the comment off a little better, but I still believe you are in the minority. I’ve also always loved the movie, saw it on Beta of all things when I was a kid, being from Eastern Canada, it was almost a rite of passage to watch it since we lived down the street from the Moosehead brewery, the beer is featured almost as much as Warden himself. I guess what I was trying to get as was that a great number of folks have now shifted this movie in their rankings as it stands, without seeing the un-cut version, which screams hype machine overdrive. Nevertheless, I’m all for re-discovering hidden gems and shuffling your top picks to find a place for it (happens all the time), but don’t think this is the case. Just recently Paramount deleted the movie for a few years there, so it wouldn’t have gotten any attention had the remake never come along, surely if it was in a staggering number of top 10’s a fan frenzy would’ve kicked in to save it, no? Or maybe it wouldn’t have made it to the delete bins in the first place.

    Tonight we screen the new print and I can’t wait, with luck I’ll be doing a little re-shuffling of my own, but only after seeing the movie, not what appears to be happening in some circles of the web.

  5. UrbanCannibal, I agree with you. The same thing sort of happened when the remake of Black Christmas came about. The original suddenly became everyone’s ‘favorite’ slasher. I’m am however grateful that these wonderful gems are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

  6. My biggest issue (ha) with this magazine lately is definitely the cover price. $9.95! Seriously!? Can I get fries with that? I mean, I know the fine folks at Rue Morgue realize they’ve had Fango on the run for some time now, but c’mon. Horrorhound is a few bucks cheaper, and fastly becoming just as good as Rue has been – maybe even better as of late. I love some of Rue’s retro loveletter coverage, but a man’s gotta eat, too. For an average of $5 more, you can buy the new uncut MBV DVD, for that matter.

  7. Good point, and I agree that Horrorhound is an amazing read, beat Rue to the 3-D retrospective story by a few months if I recall and much more in depth. Horrorhound also focuses on collectibles quite a bit which I most certainly appreciate, I just wish it was a monthly publication, but then it might not be as polished so I’ll take it as is. My Fango days are long in the past, when times were tough for the genre they cheaped out (went black and white, changed paper stock), lost me as a reader as a result – how are fans going to continue to commit when media will not? Rue is expensive, sure, but it’s pretty consistent so likely worth the extra change, I’ve read them for quite some time and there’s really only been a few absolutely horrible issues, the fact that most of those have been within the last 2 years might say something but who am I to judge?

  8. Rue Morgue hates the majority of the movies they review, and everyone’s always whining about how this year is a sad year in horror and the genre is on the verge of death. I guess I’m just a more optimistic horror fan and prefer my horror publications to show more joy towards the genre they cover. I love mainstream and underground horror, foreign and domestic, subtlety and splatter. Plus the Rue Morgue covers rip off so easily.

    Just read my first Horrorhound last week and I’m sold. I’ll have to order some back issues. There is palpable joy in this publication.

    I grew up with Fangoria and I guess I never grew up because I’m still reading every issue. I want my films to be on their cover someday.

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