He Said, She Said… Retro Style

Well, I finally saw Don’t Go in the House and… drum roll please… I LIKED IT! A LOT!

Anyway, I noticed that Retro Slashers’ own Thomas Ellison did not care for it, so I thought I’d post a link to both reviews and leave it open to you all for discussion.

You can read my review at Pretty Scary

You can read Thomas’ review in Retro’s Review Section


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13 Responses to “ He Said, She Said… Retro Style ”

  1. good job! this is a must see for any slasher fan. I have been watching this film since i was a little kid. ( i still have the same old vhs!). The Disco scene is priceless, as well as the rest of the film.
    If you havnt see this, its now on dvd, pick it up! the extras on it are really cool, a very good lengthy interview with Dan Grimaldi.

  2. Whenever this movie is mentioned I can’t help but think of that disco song!

    “When we go home…..When we’re alone…”

  3. I have some crazy vhs copy I found at a mom & pop store recently.

    What surprised me most about this film is that it’s kind of restrained in the violence dept. I mean, the first murder… oy vey, but generally speaking, it’s not uber violent. It’s more like the idea of what he’s doing is totally violent and disturbed. I love when a film can do that.

  4. I finally saw this a couple years ago and I too really loved it. It’s nuts. I remember a friend of mine telling me about it when I was young and I imagined it a lot worse and never checked it out. (It also seemed to be pretty scarce anyway) It reminded me much of “maniac” and surprisingly “Christmas Evil” in that it at least attempted to be a character study (of a psycho). The scene in the disco/club still sticks with me and I’d watch it again in a second.

  5. O.K, I left that last comment before reading your review…. In which you pretty much say the same thing only much better. Amanda, where have you been all my life?

  6. well i saw that movie for the first time wen i have 9 years old holy shit he give me a week of nightmare i hope finde the dvd one off this day’s

  7. You’re right, Amanda. It’s not that violent but it’s very sleezy. It FEELS like it was more violent than it actually is.

    And admit it…. you busted a move or two during the amazing disco scene, didn’t you?

    Terrific review as always.

    ps. Unk Lancifer. Get in line, buddy! I saw her first.

  8. I love you guys! Where were you when I was in high school and needed the self esteem boost?

    I agree with Saint, you actually see far less than you think you are. That’s a nice little trick filmmakers don’t use enough or maybe just don’t do it well.

    And yeah, I, uh… Busted a Move as you say…

  9. This is a great horror movie!I remember watching it with my mom on the movie channel ,back in the eighties when I was young.I seen it again a few years ago and its still awesome! Its available in a dvd 3pack with Tenement and Copkillers.

  10. Glad you liked it, Amanda. While i’m not a HUGE fan of it, it’s definitely a good movie to throw in around Halloween time.

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  12. Thanks knifesky. I think YOU rock!

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