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In between my regular doses of slashers, one movie which I couldn’t get enough of growing up was Heathers, Michael Lehmann’s 1988 black comedy that saw two outsiders taking revenge on the bullies of the high school by offing them and then making it look like a suicide.

At the time of its release, Christian Slater was cooler-than-cool and Winona Ryder was hot as hell, and the two together were dynamite on screen. Boasting as much teen killing as any slasher, Heathers was deeply irresponsible and extremely cynical, yet it seemed exactly what young audiences needed after years of sugar-coated John Hughes flicks.

Those that have yet to see Heathers, check out these images and then get yourself a copy…

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8 Responses to “ Heathers Gallery ”

  1. a highlight of the 80’s!

  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures! :D

    I love Heathers!! its in my top 3 fave movies of all time. The cast rocked and the one liners are awesome..’Whats your damage?’ ‘the extreme always seems to make an impression’ ‘You’re such a pillowcase’ lol love it!!! I have the limited tin dvd edition but I want the new locker edition too.
    Christian Slater was sooooo hot *drool much*

    Such a shame that Kim Walker died :(

  3. Yes it is a shame about Kim Walker, and Jeremy Applegate.

    I have a few favourite lines as well. ‘Fuck me gently with a chainsaw’ is one, ‘Veronica, why are you pulling my dick?’ is another. But perhaps the crudest was ‘The note will give her shower nozzle masturbation material for weeks.’

    So very!

  4. Yes Jeremy Applegate too :( They were both so young. very tragic circustances.

    Love the ‘fuck me gently with a chainsaw’ one.

    ‘Shut up, Paul. Now I’ve seen a lot of bullshit. Angel dust. Switchblades. Sexually perverse photography exibits involving tennis rackets. But this suicide thing… guess that’s more on Pauline’s wavelength. Well, we’re gonna just write off today. And on Friday she can hold her little “Love-In” or… whatever. Whatever’ lol

    ‘What is your damage, Heather?’

    ‘Dear Diary: Heather told me she teaches people “real life.” She said, real life sucks losers dry. You want to fuck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly. I said, so, you teach people how to spread their wings and fly? She said, yes. I said, you’re beautiful’

    I love how Veronica is always calling her Dad an idiot.

  5. If we’re listing classic Heathers quotes then we could be here all day –

    ‘Seven schools in seven states and the only thing different is my locker combination.’

    ‘Jesus God in Heaven, why did you have to kill such hot snatch?’

    ‘Chaos is great… chaos was what killed the dinosaurs, darling.’

    ‘You want to fuck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly.’

  6. So, last year I went to a theme BBQ where you supposed to go as what clique (click?) you’d belong to in high school, so I thought I was being all smart and went as a Heather. I wore this awesomely way too nice skirt and blazer with heels and I got there and people were like “Who are you supposed to be,” and when I told them, most of them replied, “Oh, I wasn’t born when Heathers came out!” No joke. I got so drunk I cried.

    There is my random confession for the day.

    Oh yeah, and Shannen = YAY!

  7. My fear is that if they don’t make a sequel soon Hollywood will remake it. With Zac f**king Efron and Megan f**king Fox!

  8. Bought this last year, and I still haven’t watched it yet.

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