Hell Night Gallery

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3 Responses to “ Hell Night Gallery ”

  1. These are awesome. I love shit like this. Keep it comin’. Retro Slashers is on a roll this month with the updates!!!

  2. Wow, I go so gorked out looking at these! :)

  3. “Hell Night” is a very underated horror film. Personally It’s one of my faves, and have been watching it since i was a kid. Hell night is different from many slasher films at that time due to: a good story , good creepy music, teens you actually ‘like”, and on the edge of your seat thrills. Was lucky enough to find this on dvd back in 2001. I actually watched it the other night and still found myself enjoying it! There’s just something about retro horror man. I love all that old stuff! “Halloween” ” Terror Train” “Friday the 13th” “Happy birthday to me” “Chopping mall”
    “Dont be afraid of the dark” “Critters” “Night of the creeps” “Creepshow” shall I go on? :)
    It’s good to know that this film still has an audience after all these years. There are many memorable moments that stick with you (remember the scene when the creature starts rising from underneath the carpet behind linda blair while she’s on the bed talking with peter? Creepy stuff!) and the atmosphere is excellent! Beautifully filmed with some great dark scenes.
    As much as I liked all the actors who potrayed the teens I had the biggest crush on “Suki Goodman”!!!!! My god was she a hottie. That face…that body…that personality…and the sexy english accent! Suki alone is worth seeing the film!
    Great old school film worth another look!

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