Help Ted V. Mikels!


A friend of mine passed along this distrubing article regarding Mr. Mikels. The tough economy has hit us hard and Mikels, one of the great indie mavericks of our time, recently had to give up his studio near the Las Vegas Strip (which I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago) and is just having a hard time making ends meet.

He is probably most famous for his horror flims The Corpse Grinders, the legendary Astro-Zombies and Blood Orgy of the She Devils but his love of exploitation took viewers all kinds of places. His other classics include The Doll Squad, The Girl in the Gold Boots and a movie I just know Quentin Tarantino got some inspiration from, the classic WIP flick Ten Violent Women.

If you like Ted V. – and let’s face it, we all do – then please pop by his official website and pick up one or two (or three or a dozen) of his movies or some memorabilia.

As I stated earlier, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of visiting Mikels’ old Vegas studio and even got to spend the day with the great man himself. It was such an honor and he was the very definition of a gentleman. Please, if you can spare the change, support one of the last great indie filmmakers.


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6 Responses to “ Help Ted V. Mikels! ”

  1. Aww, that’s a shame. I absolutely adore The Astro-Zombies. A bad but guilty pleasure. I hope he does well. Can’t believe he’s still alive. :O Good for him.

  2. you know i dont remember seeing any of those except maybe astro-zombies,i cant remeber for sure ,but my heart goes out to him and i wsih him the best of luck

  3. Im a poor filmaker to can we start a fund for me, and all the other starving filmakers out there? POOR TED boo hoo.

  4. i almos forgot go to and order scarlet frys horrorama , im having a hard time making ends meet, i dont have enough money to buy corpse grinders

  5. i love ted mykels corpse grinders, doll squad are great films ted is awesome..if he was sick id give him money otherwise, hes just like evryone else we all have hard times

  6. i just bought an astro zombies signed bobble head there awesome hope that helps ted, the bobble is amazing cant wait to get it , will probably get one for an xmas gift as well, if your a mikels fan go to his website and check out the bobble heads they rock. i gave in love you ted

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