Here We Are At Halloween

A quiet halloween for me. I’ve been sick all week, and as a result of carving my first ever jack-o-lantern way too early in the month, it has rotted and sunken in on itself, causing it to look a little like Abe Vigoda if his face imploded. So that’s two points against an enjoyable halloween. Now I need to salvage the night and I won’t be taking any safe bets either: Trick R Treat (2008) is on the slate and I’ve been puting off watching it forever.

Trick R Treat is a modern anthology movie. Creepshow (1983), which has been name-dropped as an inspiration for this film, has a special place with me but I’m generally not much of an anthology fan. My personal exception would be when slasher elements are present, but recently Amusements (2008) tickled my tastebuds then left a bitter taste after. So the win to lose ratio worries me. Peer pressure is at hand here though, so I’m going in. Wish me luck.

Below you’ll find a pop-art take on the poster art that went on sale today – and promptly sold out.

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3 Responses to “ Here We Are At Halloween ”

  1. well you wont be disappointed, its a great film all around, perfect to watch on this day

  2. Feel better John! I’ve been having a crazy life since we moved across the country, but I still don’t look like Abe Vigoda, so for that I’m grateful! :)

  3. well, if it makes you feel any better, yer not the only one who got sick this Halloween…stupid seasonal fevers…

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