His Name was Jason


The new doc covering the gory glory 30 years of Friday the 13th films is out now and I urge all slasher fans to pick up a copy. The interviews with the men behind the mask is a highlight as well as seeing many cast members from different entries. Steve Miner is missing from the doc. but they did track down Danny Steinmann (Holy crap! Wait til you hear his thoughts about Jason on disc 2.)

The only complaint I have is Tom Savini should have had a little more interview time and a little less hosting duties. This is the guy that created the face of Jason and his special effects helped the first film become a major hit at the box office. And why the hell does Felissa Rose get so much face time? I swear she gets more screen time in His Name was Jason than she does in Return to Sleepaway Camp. Also, don’t listen to a damn thing Ken Kirzinger says about Kane Hodder coming to terms with losing the Jason gig. Hodder is still a bitter bastard about Freddy vs Jason.

Ironically, watching this doc. made me more excited about the new Friday the 13th set to hit next week. It was the interview with Derek Mears that really sold me watching on the new film in theaters. Mears is a real fan of the Jason character and it shows during his extended interview.

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4 Responses to “ His Name was Jason ”

  1. I have a thank you credit on this documentary and so does John! I haven’t seen it yet, but of course I’ve seen the credit, cuz that’s cool!

    I’m looking forward to watching it!

  2. Very, very, very cool.. Mine should be in the mail any day now!

  3. Hey Amanda! We made it to Hollywood! Now that we’re both in the credits of the same production, let’s snort some coke and go kick some old lady’s poodle on HWood Blvd or some such crazy shit.

  4. i found it funny on the burning DVD that Tom Savini said something to the effect of “if you watch the Friday the 13ths after part 1 you’re stupid”

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