Hobo Myers Ready For Meals On Wheels


Sing it with me – “In The Ghetto”….

Is it just me or does it seem like Zombie is turning Michael into a Leatherface/Jason Voorhees combo-slasher?

OK, so this is his Michael Myers – deal with it, John.

But will we ever see The Shape again?

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3 Responses to “ Hobo Myers Ready For Meals On Wheels ”

  1. I haven’t commented much on the new Halloween or sequel because I’m just not that into them, but Oh my god, this is just silly. Although I agree with that comment that this is RZ’s Myers, if he’s going to veer so off the beaten track, then he should create his own unstoppable killer dammit. And get rid of the Alice Cooper poster in the background. This whole still screams self-important fantasy.

  2. Not “In the Ghetto”. More like “Aqualung”. Fuck it. I’m going to be in the audience opening day no matter what. I’m a slasher addict and I can’t help myself.

  3. omg. i love michael myers

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