Home Sweet Home In 8 Minutes

Living in Australia I have no idea what Thanksgiving is, and prefer to remain clueless, filling the American minutia knowledge part of my brain with the history of Twinkies instead. But at Retro Slashers, Thanksgiving is still very special to us: an excuse to lavish praise on Home Sweet Home (1981, Review) starring Bodies-By-Jake Steinfeld.

Like several holiday and event-themed early 80’s slashers, it doesn’t exploit its namesake much (for that you’ll have to wait for Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving, and we’re perplexed he didn’t use this week to make an announcement, even minor). No, Home Sweet Home instead choosing to be a turkey in itself, though a lovable one.

Some kind soul performed his very own carving upon the film and offers up an 8 minute highlight video – but the results are all bones and no stuffing. Bad if it were dinner, good if you’re a slasher fan. Enjoy.

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