Homeless Michael Myers Action Figure

Rob Zombie’s latest teaser is in fact not from the new Halloween movie itself but an action figure, based on one of Michael’s many looks from the upcoming H2.

No details as yet on when the merchandise will be available.


Source: Rob Zombie

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4 Responses to “ Homeless Michael Myers Action Figure ”

  1. Maybe it’ll be a “Dumpster Dive Exclusive”!

  2. What I can’t help but think when I see that look is if his mask is so damaged and half is missing why not just throw it away?

  3. I agree & also think that such a thing is something RZ would make fun of another movie for!

  4. I love the Hobo Myers. The mask is kept on because he hates the look of his face and wants to hide the ugly from his mother and others around. Even though his mother is dead, he refuses to believe it.

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