Horror High 35th Anniversary Edition DVD

On August 10 Code Red DVD releases the 35th Anniversary Edition of Horror High (1974 – do the math on that one). No relation to Return To Horror High (1987), though close together VHS release dates of both films in some countries implied as such, Larry Stouffer’s movie is actually a reliable stock proto-slasher.

A series of grisly murders wreaks havoc at a small Texas high school! A no-nonsense cop is assigned to find out the identity of the mad devious killer who roams the corridors of the high school. A mild mannered student has been drinking a mysterious potion that turns himself into Vernon, a genetic freak. Terrorizing students and teachers alike, Vernon spreads his web of violence and terror to all who have mocked or laughed at him. Vernon also plays a deadly game of cat & mouse with the cop who is trying to stop him. Can the cop beat the killer at his own game, or will he become the final victim at Horror High?

Special Features:

Brand New 16×9 (1.85:1) Mastered from HiDef from the original 35mm dupe negatives from Crown International’s vault

Uncut for the first time on home video!

On-camera interview with Lead star Austin Stoker

Comedy commentary with TV’s “Beat the Geeks” J. Keith Van Straaten, Marc Edward Heuck, and Paul Goebel

Bonus footage shot for TV on the TWISTED BRAIN release

Original theatrical trailer

Code Red trailers

Retail price for a single disc release is pretty high at $24.98, but those who have waited this many years for a proper Horror High release can’t be choosy, we guess.

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4 Responses to “ Horror High 35th Anniversary Edition DVD ”

  1. Wow This Looks Like An Awesome Horror Flick. Can’t Wait To Get This Way To Go Codered. I Also Heard Codered Is Releasing NIGHTMARE On Dvd This Year. The One Slasher I’ve Been Waiting For Years To Get.

    Stilling Hoping For CURTAINS , THE PREY , NIGHT SCHOOL

    Going To Be A Great Year For Classic Horror Releases!

  2. Kinda sounds like Slaughter High and Class Reunion Massacre rolled into one.

  3. This is a cool film and the DVD should be excellent. I’ve previously seen this on VHS as “Twisted Brain” and it’s an effective, low-budget mixture of campiness and creepiness. The high school setting is used to great effect, and the movie is never boring.

  4. I have this on VHS as Twisted Brain and I totally agree with Cheeseburger in Hell so I will leave it at that. Look forward to owning this DVD and the comedy commentary could be alot of fun. You definatly get my support Code Red.

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