How They Did It: MBV Uncut

I read a pretty thorough article over at Shock Till You Drop about the reinstatement of uncut scenes into the upcoming My Bloody Valentine DVD. Seems they were always going to integrate them into the film, so everyone got in an early huffy all for naught – sometimes we have to trust the companies. Here’s my favorite paragraph:

With footage in hand, Dean and Ventrella say there was never a question of whether they should restore the film or relegate the cut scenes to the special features section of the DVD. The game plan was to release an uncut version all along. And to help in the restoration, they called in director Mihalka. Ventrella recalls, “He was really glad we found the material and he was instrumental in viewing the elements put back into the feature and giving us some tweaks and suggestions on how it originally was. Having him there was the last piece of the puzzle. It was an early film for him and he remembered every detail – where everything went, the original audio mix, everything, so it was essential having him there.” In total, with the restored footage, the film now runs an estimated three minutes longer than its theatrical counterpart.

Read the full article here.

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10 Responses to “ How They Did It: MBV Uncut ”

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait! The beginning of 2009 is going to be great for slasher fans!

  2. Alright, tell me if I’m wrong but I read somewhere and always thought there were about 7-9 minutes of unseen footage. What’s the deal with the cut being 3 minutes longer?

  3. “what do you know, crying works” and “everyone got in an early huff” . . . why so bitter? Everyone here are slasher movie fans and would want uncut MBV to happen! Why do you insult people every time this story comes up?

    Stroking an internet boner?

  4. That was pretty stank ass!

  5. Can. Not. Wait.

  6. Awesome!

    So exactly how did they get this film away from Paramount?

  7. Actually, in movie terms, 3 minutes is an incredibly long time. Really, gore money shots usually last maybe 15 to 30 seconds, so quite a bit is being added back in. I never heard it was 7 – 9 minutes, and that sounds like it would be complete scenes we have never even heard of. It sounds like what will be released is exactly what the director intended to have released. Looking forward to it!

  8. sorry if this covered somewhere else but I couldn’t find any info…where’s the forum?
    Is it gone for good? I really miss it :(

  9. Rembrandt36: “Really, gore money shots usually last maybe 15 to 30 seconds”

    shhhiiitttt.. its more like 15-30 frames. lol

  10. There was stock footage used to replace some of the cut scenes. I’m guessing that footage will be replaced with the proper footage and is the reason the total running time is only 3 minutes longer.

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