Humongous, Incubus And More Lurch Onto DVD

Between September 2011 & March 2012 Scorpion Releasing will bring out a mix of sought-after first-time-on-DVD slashers and new re-releases of beloved titles: American Nightmare (1983), the grimey, sleaze-coated kin of Maniac and Nightmare, The Carpenter (1988) starring Wings Hauser as a spectral killer, The House on Sorority Row (1983), previously re-released in 2009 to coincide with the remake, the OOP atmospheric demonic slasher whodunnit Incubus (1982), Final Exam (1981), previously released by BCI, and the hulking killer on island opus Humongous (1982).

If you’ve processed all of that yet, continue below for the press release mentioning further (non-slasher) releases, and cover art for the hallowed six.

Scorpion Releasing proudly presents Katarina’s Nightmare Theater, a new line of horror DVDs hosted by actress, and former WWE and now TNA star, Katarina Leigh Waters, as she introduces a series of cult films, many of them for the first time on DVD!  See the bewitching Katarina introduce such horror classics as THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW, FINAL EXAM, THE INCUBUS, some of them in new high definition film transfers with new extras!

Also, for the first time on DVD such films as the 80’s horror favorite HUMONGOUS, THE CARPENTER starring Wings Hauser (VICE SQUAD), THE HUMAN EXPERIMENTS starring Linda Haynes, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE with Michael Ironside, THE DEVIL WITHIN HER starring Joan Collins, the twin-terrors of THE MARK OF CAIN, and NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT starring genre greats Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing!    Each DVD will have a play with or without Katarina’s intros and closing segments and some will have audio commentaries with the filmmakers moderated by Katarina. All the DVD sleeves will feature a reversible cover. The first wave will be released in September, just in time for Halloween and new DVDs coming each month through March!

“I am having really great fun hosting these movies, and coming up with skits for the introduction…  plus I love that I get to meet these filmmakers and talk to them about their creative process on the audio commentaries…  it’s inspiring!  I hope you enjoy watching the DVD’s, as much as I enjoy working on them!” -Katarina Leigh Waters


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29 Responses to “ Humongous, Incubus And More Lurch Onto DVD ”

  1. Glorious news! Me want!

  2. I hope THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW Is Being Released UNCUT
    If So Picking This Up For Sure.

  3. Holy crap on a stick! I hope Humongous is uncut. Heck, I hope they’re all uncut.

  4. Hey Dbag I Think Humongous Is Uncut It Has It On The Cover Shown.

  5. Holy Crap, Batman! This is great news!!!! I have the House on Sorority Row uncut that was released two years ago, but I might pick this up if it has some new extras.I can’t wait for American Nightmare. I can get rid of the horrible bootleg. The only thing that sucks is I just bought a used copy of the Incubus (image lable) a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, this will be a remastered version. Either way, I’m going to be spending alot of money that I don’t have.

  6. HUMONGOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Ahh! I just died of excitement!

  7. I’d like to see a commentary on Humongous, Final Exam and The Carpenter!

  8. super super awesome!!!!! i cannot wait to get my hands on these!!!!
    Humongous will finally see the DVD light of day… man i cant fuckin wait!!!

  9. Too Myersjason78 U Might Have The House On Sorority Row The One Released 2 Years Ago Its Not Uncut Though.
    I Have The Same One The Liberation ENT Edition And Its Cut.

  10. This is, um, rather exciting, to say the least!

  11. Sounds great, but I’m waiting for the catch.

    I’ve been fooled by trannies before.

  12. I Wish CURTAINS Was On This List.

  13. Sweet!

    Hopefully “Curtains”, “Hospital Massacre”, and “Blood Rage” are next in line.

  14. Awesome!

    Don’t forget “Fatal Games”, “The Prey”, “Silent Madness”, “Deadly Intruder”, “To All a Good Night” and “House of Death” too.

  15. Mortuary & Death Valley We Forgot As Well Guys

  16. this is great and all, but still, I CANNOT BELIEVE that all these lesser known titles keep being released, and even worse, titles that have been released, getting re-re-released, and meanwhile, STILL NO CURTAINS, MUTILATOR, OR NIGHT SCHOOL!!!!!How about this….instead of re-releasing Sorority Row AGAIN (and I love the movie), BRING ANY OF THE AFOREMENTIONED TITLES TO DVD FOR THE FIRST FRIGGIN TIME!!!WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Now this really is good news. Humongous on DVD! The last time I saw this was around the dawn of the stone age. The Incubus at a price I don’t need to sell a lung for! Not that I’ve ripped any of these titles or anything. Anyone else still hate downloading films, which I don’t do because it’s naughty?
    Josh mentioned,Silent Madness, there is a DVD of this. I’ve got it, but it’s very low quality. Someone needs to get the 3D print.
    When are these thing coming out?
    I know it’s not a slasher but the Boogens where when?

  18. To Chris NIGHT SCHOOL Is Coming Out Thru Warner Archive Collection
    Hopefully Uncut.

  19. The Way Things Are Going I Could See CURTAINS Getting A Proper Dvd Release This Year.

    THE KINDRED I Probably Missed Quite A Few

  20. The Kindred would be great, also Rocktober Blood from 1984! But these releases need to have a commentary with them. This way fans can learn more about the film and its history. Take a note from ‘The Prowler’ DvD by Blue Underground with the Savini and Joseph Zito commentary. Everyone one of these films should be released with that treatment.

  21. I cannot believe that Humongous is finally coming out on DVD, I really never thought the day would come. This one should hopefully be a huge improvement over the too-dark VHS version.


    Don’t forget about TERROR ON TOUR and HOME SWEET HOME!!!!:)

  23. BTW- This is fantastic news! Good job, Scorpion!

  24. YAYYYYYYYYY!!!! Humongous finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate the logo of caterinas at the top of the dvd though- that makes it look hideous!!! but who cares!!!!!!!???!?!?! I hope curtains, the mutilator, the slayer, silent madness, x-ray, the prey, mortuary, funeral home, (ight school, killer party,)the boogeyman, blood frenzy and a better version of the final terror get released soon!!!!!!

  25. This sounds really good. I will have to be on the lookout for these when they arrive. Hopefully, that also means maybe Freakshow (1989), Curtains (A better DVD than the one from Echo Bridge), Trancers (A better DVD than the Full Moon release), Mansion of the Doomed (A superior DVD to the 905 DVD), Blood Nasty, Outcast (1990), Appointment with Fear, Mortuary, Retribution and Deadtime Stories (A better DVD than the Image Entertainment DVD).

  26. (Continued from my last comment)

    will get the special edition treatment soon.

  27. Hopefully they put out Hos[ital Massacre, New Year’s Evil, Home Sweet Home, Blood Frenzy, and 555 and Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker (aka Night Warning unless Code Red already released a DVD)

  28. I would really like to see a good print of Silent Night Bloody Night. I always think the poor picture quality of the DVDs is the only thing stopping this being recognised as one of the great 70s horror films and as much as Black Christmas one of the true slasher archetypes.

  29. ive enjoyed some of these on dvd. great.

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