Iced (1988)



What permeated the air in the late 80s that made it so… so … so stonewashed… so feathery… so scrunchie socked? What, I ask? Iced is a prime example of the late 80s in all its bad fashion glory. Unfortunately, it’s not scary, but it’s an awful lot of fun in one tiny time capsule.

Jeff Stinson (Dan Smith) is this crazy ski type who after a bad blind date with Trina (Debra Deliso of Slumber Party Massacre fame), takes a flying leap – literally – while Trina is expressing her real love for cute Cory (Doug Stevenson). A few years later, Trina and Cory are married and they take the rest of their friends (all attached to Jeff’s death) to this fancy new ski resort. They are followed by a creepy ski type person (uh-huh) who is determined to make this reunion its bloody best.

Let’s face it, Iced is not a very good movie. Technically, it’s a bit of a mess with horrible editing, slow pacing and overtly misguided dialog (with only marginal acting at times), but if you’re a USA Up All Night kind of person (and who isn’t?), then this movie is a must. Plus, there’s plenty of boobs (courtesy of Lisa Loring who played Wednesday in the original Addams Family) and some decent blood to keep the proceedings going. There’s also a surprising amount of male nudity. Not that I was complaining, but as a woman who watches a ton of 80s schlock, I’m just not used to it. So, for some of us, it’s an added bonus.


Deliso is pretty good as the final girl and spends her chase scene in her underwear and snow boots! The twist is pretty predictable, but never you mind because the cheese flows freely on top of Blood Mountain, so get yourself a room, pop open a beer and enjoy!


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6 Responses to “ Iced (1988) ”

  1. Whaddabout the Cocaine?

    Do they part hearty?

  2. Yes, indeed there is a coke head among the group and his paranoia is on full display. He even carries a gun. They party, but their hair parties even harder. I’m a sucker for horror movies with winter settings and Iced doesn’t disappoint. It takes a little while for the killings to begin, but the entertaining (at least in my opinion) characters make up for it. Part of the plot may seem a little illogical (people who go skiing in the middle of the night)but overall Iced is a good time.

  3. I’ve been meaning to see this, just to see Debra Deliso. How are the death scenes in this?

    Oh, and as far as the male nudity is concerned, BRING IT ON!! There isn’t enough in horror movies.

  4. This is one I have been chasing for a long time!!!! I am dying to see it. Where is a DVD????


  6. “It takes a little while for the killings to begin”? A little while? I clocked it. It takes more than an hour. :)

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