Internet Gets Tired Of Rob Zombie's H2

newmyers21Ever get indigestion? Just like Hobo Myers in full body shots looks like he’s had one too many cheeseburgers from dumpsters, many of us who run horror news sites have been realizing that Rob Zombie has been feeding us scraps. Almost every day there is something “new” to report on. Usually just a single image. And based off each single image or such, a separate news posts is generated by the major horror sites. This ensures H2 is kept in the spotlight but really, all these additional posts are a waste of bitspace. Zombie is just making the internet media work hard to constantly keep up with his bird droppings or bird crumbs (take your pick).

But the sheer ridiculousness of the situation: I think it hit me like a ton of bricks the other day when all the outlets were reporting on the latest singular image to be released from Camp Zombie, and it was just another close-up of the Myers mask – but more importantly, it was horrendously out of focus. Yet this wasn’t a talking point by reporters at all because the “script” for news writers to follow has been “Rob Zombie releases New Halloween 2 Image!” like it’s Groundhog Day. And what happened to Bill Murray? He went crazy and through himself in front of a bus.

Even WIL over at Horror Yearbook recently blew a gasket and has sworn off conducting the standard repetitious reporting of H2. I don’t blame him.

Are you tired of picking up Rob Zombie’s crumbs around the Internet? I am! If I see one more Halloween 2 or Michael Myers picture I may rip my eyeballs out! We have all seen the EXCLUSIVE! clips, behind the scenes videos, pictures, trailers and so on… And now it is time to say, “Enough is enough! I just want to see the damn movie already!”

I remember when I attended the Zombie panel for Halloween at one of the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, and he acted like fans were insane for wanting to know about the film beforehand. Basically his attitude said, “stop asking me questions and just see the damn movie,” and I agree. So he should take his own advice and STOP! Stop putting out the posters, Uncle Coffin/Captain Spalding videos, Michael Myer pictures and let the movie stand on its own.

Read the rest: Horror Yearbook Tired of Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

When we started our Featured Coverage of H2 here at Retro Slashers, we referenced Rob Zombie’s unorthodox methods but had some good things to say about the film so far. And as time has passed we have tried to be selective in our coverage and collect materials together before posting them. But the glut of substandard publicity material has oversaturated the internet and it needs to be stated. So Mr. Zombie, instead of worrying we will forget about your film if we’re not reminded every single day, how about posting less photographic outtakes passed up as publicity photos, and letting a little silence linger between genuinly enticing materials. It’ll do a world of good.

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9 Responses to “ Internet Gets Tired Of Rob Zombie's H2 ”

  1. rob zombies halloween is a joke and so will be hoboween 2 boycot this movie, he has ruined the franchise if your a horror fan you should know rob destroyed it, he sucks

  2. I will be checking this movie out simply because of the R rating.People can say what they will about Rob Zombie, but for better or worse, I believe he truly loves Horror and I, for one am sick of being spoon fed all this PG13 bullshit.Sure,this is a remake,and therefore by definition will be nowhere as good asthe original.But come August, when I have to choose betwwen this and the usual teenage HAUNTINGOFTHISTHATORTHEOTHER schlock,guess which director will be gettin my money?


    To: Weinstein Company/Rob Cummings

    To: Robert Bartleh Cummings (A.K.A. Rob Zombie)
    CC: Malek Akkad, Bob & Harvey Weinstein
    Weinstein Company LLC
    345 Hudson St., 13th Fl.
    New York, NY 10014

    RE: Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

    We, the undersigned, ask that Robert Bartleh Cummings (A.K.A. Rob Zombie), director of Weinstein Company/ Dimension Films upcoming motion picture “H2: Halloween 2” reconsider the decision to take the sequel of the re-visioning of Halloween and The Halloween Franchise in the direction in which it has been directed.

    We feel that Rob Zombie’s 2007 Re-visioning of Halloween took the film and franchise in a wrong but still salvageable direction. From the information provided by Robert Cummings on the sequel to that motion picture and the trailer released to the internet on and It is clear that he is taking the Halloween franchise further down the spiral from which many fans feel there will be no return.

    We feel that from the scenes of the trailer and information provided the film looks to be a mimic of a few combined horror motion pictures. We also feel that his casting of Sheri Lyn Skurkis (A.K.A. Sheri Moon Zombie) is not based on acting ability or merit, but due only to the fact he must cast his spouse in every motion picture he directs. Sheri Moon should be omitted from the cast and those scenes be corrected.

    Another major concern for us fans is that it has been reported by Robert Cummings, other cast and news that Michael Myers will not be wearing the classic William Shatner based mask or any altered or re-envisioned concept of that mask for 70% of the feature motion picture.

    We the fans ask that Mr. Cummings re-write and re-shoot the film with the deletion of the mentioned scenes and/or plot. We feel that Michael Myers is 100% evil without cause and should be left at that conclusion. If the film is released as it now stands it will without a doubt destroy the entire franchise and become a mockery of what Debra Hill, John Carpenter, Moustapha Akkad, Tommy Lee Wallace and so many others have immortalized in horror motion picture history.

    Halloween Fans

  4. Haha, that gave me a chuckle…

  5. If this is all he has to offer you can’t help but feel skeptical. I know he wants to tease and not give fans too much too soon, but offering them nothing is worse. It’s like with Platinum Dunes always posting images of producers leaning against cars – who cares about that, show us some action! How many pictures of Michael doing f**k all do we need to see?

  6. I agree that H2 is a bunch of hype. Just like his remake of Halloween, it will be a huge letdown and the hype will prove to not be worth it. As a Director, he has the right to take the film in whichever direction he wants. Writing a letter to the producers (especially at this point) won’t stop that. As a horror fan, it’s up to YOU to decide whether or not it’s worth your time. Rob will continue to churn movies out on this level and that leaves you 3 options:

    1. Ignore it, pretend the Remake and H2 doesn’t exist.
    2. Accept it, and enjoy it on a “sequel” kind of level
    3. Love it, embrace it because we won’t be getting any OTHER “Halloween” movies anytime soon.

    I choose number “2”. While I feel the sequel could have gone in a better Direction, possibly with a different Director, H2 STILL looks like an improvement over H6 (Theatrical version) and H8. Until Rob Zombie’s remakes/sequels get worse than those, I’ll probably continue to atleast see what all of that internet “hype” was all about. Love it or hate it, H2 exists and is coming to theaters in less than 3 months!


  7. New (spike awards)Bootleg Halloween 2 TV Spot on Youtube
    Here you go, quality is bad but there is a whole lot of new footage.

  8. I dont care what anyone says, as long as they are making halloween movies, remakes or not, i will continue to support them by checking out the movies in theaters, and buying the dvds. these movies will not ever be as good as the 1978 original, but all the stupid sequels that came out to cash in on this and a dozen other horror movies are what ruined the series, not directors that are trying to “reboot” as they say, the series, its pretty much the only option they had after how crappy the series had become. And im not trying to make any enimies, this being my first time posting here and all, but ive said it before on John’s Sleepaway site, if all the people that hate these remakes so much would stop paying money to see them, they might actually fail at the box office and they would stop making them and start making movies that we havent seen 20 or so years ago. sorry for the long post, hope i didnt urk too many people, i just hate seeing people complain about remakes, by us sitting here talking about how tired we all are about this movie we are doing exactly what rob wants, spreading the word about his upcomming movie. Think about that :) Peace!

  9. As long as they are making good movies I will continue to buy the DVDs, but I’m not going to buy them for the sake of being a completist. They have to deliver a certain standard for me to want to shell out money for a movie, particularly at the cinema. Whether or not it’s an original film or part of a franchise, crap is crap. But I will always watch a film with an open mind so every movie, Halloween sequel or not, gets an equal chance.

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