Intruder Thoughts From A Real Retail Worker!

Intruder (1989) is a personal favorite of mine for use of isolated locale and inventive killscenes. I reviewed Wizard’s Director’s Cut a few years back and often go back to it for it’s blue collar charms. I’ve often wondered what a real supermarket/grocery store clerk thought of the movie, so don’t you know I was so chuffed to receive this email from new reader “Mark”:

Hi John,
I just found the site.  I just saw THE INTRUDER tonight.  I work retail so this was awesome.  I especially like how Jennifer said something in response to the killers motive like “But that’s not the night crew’s fault!”  haha, how often have I had my crew blamed for something at work! hehe.

I like how the adding machine’s tape got red blood all over it giving new meaning to the phrase “in the red.” hehe.

I like how Jennifer hid behind an end-cap; now that was genius!  There are definitely odd hollowed out spaces in end caps in our store!  Very scary places!

And, I love how not only did the dude get killed in the box bailer, but the killer went so far as to actually make a bail!  So the bail has the victims arms/legs hanging out of it!  It is so hard to get my crew to take the time to make bails and so it was awesome when the killer went and made a bail! haha.

I like how the feet under the bathroom stall were just feet!  No one was in there!  Just their dead feet! haha.

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6 Responses to “ Intruder Thoughts From A Real Retail Worker! ”

  1. hahahaha! thats great, Intruder is one of my top Slasher films, its just pure awesomeness!! glad you liked it Mark, great story thanks for sharing.

  2. that movie is cool but i got tired of them going down the ceral aisle every five minutes

  3. no way bro, cream off the crop slasher. perfect example of a slasher.

  4. Loved the Intruder as soon as I saw Renee Estevez from Sleepaway Camp 2 on the screen. Too bad most people only saw the neutered version of the movie.

    That trailer they put together for the DVD was BAD idea though.

  5. Yeah renee is awesome in both films, i fortunately have the unrated directors cut.

  6. I love this movie, it’s a comfortably formulaic slasher with a unique setting and over-the-top gore effects.

    I’ve always recommended this one to my friends who have worked in a grocery store. And it’s a must-see for slasher fans.

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