It's A Shock Festival In Your Living Room


Rue Morgue’s Best Fiction Book of 2008, SHOCK FESTIVAL, is getting a DVD adaptation (of sorts). Fangoria recently posted an insightful Interview With Author Stephen Romano which outlines plans for the disc.

For those not in the know, the book SHOCK FESTIVAL (Official Website) reviews, dissects and interviews the cast and crew of Grindhouse-era horror flicks, none of which you’ve ever seen (because shh, they don’t really exist). But with the gorgeous poster art (MySpace) for each faux film mixed with the uncanny recollections of their plots and people, it’s easy to get sucked into the universe of these never-weres. Or is it really just one big reverse-con?

I could swear slasher-giallo-psychothriller combo DEAD BUGS ON THE CARPET played here in Australia to big success just as Romano states in the book. I remember the daybill… hmm…

From early details, the DVD seems set to further blend reality and fiction by presenting materials based on the book alongside actual film relics from the time o’ the Grind.

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