Jason vs Leatherface

In 1995, Topps Comics published Jason vs Leatherface, a three issue limited series that brought together two slasher icons for the first time.  The series features gruesome cover art by Simon Bisley, a story by Nancy (Sunglasses After Dark) Collins, and plenty of gory artwork from Jeff Butler.  Each issue concludes with a short article on slasher films or the horror genre written by C. Dean Anderson, Ric Meyers, and Nancy Collins.  The third issue also has a short back-up story, Tales of the Toxic Turtle, created by Michael White.

Jason vs Leatherface sends Jason to Texas in the first issue when Mrs. Voorhees favorite little boy is dredged up from Crystal Lake and hauled off on a freight train.  Jason hasn’t been in Texas long before he runs into the Hitchhiker, the Cook, Grandpa, and Leatherface.  After a short scuffle, Jason is adopted by the Chainsaw family and becomes friends with Leatherface.  The second issue has Jason watching the daily activities of the Chainsaw family and helping out when some of the “meat” tries to escape.  In the third issue, the relationship between Jason and The Family goes south, which results in a nasty battle between the terror icons.

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  1. Neat covers. I remember seeing these years ago. I figured they were buried in obscurity forever. It’s nice to see them again. Thanks!

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