Jessica Moore Returns to Supernatural

adrianne-palicki Whilst it flirts with so many horror subgenres it can hardly be classed as a straight slasher, hit show Supernatural has enough ties to the likes of Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine that it seems to cater to a similar crowds. Those who follow the show may be pleased to hear that Jessica Moore is set to make a return.

Portrayed by rising star Adrianne Palicki, Jessica had been the girlfriend of reluctant hero Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), who was killed by the Yellow-Eyed Demon in the pilot episode. But when the studio demanded that creator Eric Kripke write her back into the show, she was tranformed into a demon which would reappear from time to time.

Having made her last appearance at the end of season 2, Jessica is set to return for one episode early on in the new season, although plot details at this point remain confidential.


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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6 Responses to “ Jessica Moore Returns to Supernatural ”

  1. Been wanting to check out the show sometime, but looking for a proper entry point. First seasons are usually clunky and all set-up, so not sure I want to start right there.

  2. The first season ‘borrowed’ from so many films (as well as the X Files) but it was still enjoyable and both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles made for likeable leads.

  3. You can pretty much pick it up anywhere. But Season 1 was pretty decent.

  4. Every horror site I visit mentions this show. I’ve seen a few episodes and while pretty decent it seems to be aimed towards teenage girls.Maybe I should cast that opinion aside and give it another chance.

  5. No, you’re right about it catering to teenage girls. That’s why audiences for both the My Bloody Valentine and Friday the 13th remakes were full of them, as the two leads have become heart-throbs.

  6. I don’t think that the show caters to teenage girls and I certainly don’t see why adults couldn’t find it enjoyable. I would definitely give the show another chance.

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