Juan Piquer Simon (1935 – 2011)

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write about the passing of Juan Piquer Simon. His classic over the top slasher masterpiece Pieces (masterPieces?) is a one of a kind sort of film. The straight faced cast delivers a film that makes the audience both cringe and laugh at Piquer’s antics.

Like so many great slasher classics, Pieces didn’t really come into its own until the early 2000s when it began playing second run theaters and also became a bit of an oddity among horror journalists and bloggers. If modern technology has done anything of (fun) note, it has allowed little quirky films like this to find a second audience via internet word of mouth and DVD… I actually discovered this movie myself in the late 90s when I rented it on a whim. It became a mainstay for me, and I often found myself watching it before I went to bed (I know, I’m crazy that way)… The goofy and absurd dialog always brought a smile to my face (“Bastards! Bastards! Baaaassssstttttaaaarrrrrddddssss!”) and I adored watching the veteran George’s take on a sleazy serial killer, enduring everything from kung fu college professors to oversexed co-eds. And there is no director on this planet that loved instant coffee as much as Juan (watch the last scene if you don’t know what I mean!)…

RIP Juan, your film has ensured you will never be forgotten…

You can read more at Dread Central.

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And read a hilarious review of Slugs at Horror Digest!

And a special thank you to Jason Stout for letting me know about Mr. Piquer’s passing.

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7 Responses to “ Juan Piquer Simon (1935 – 2011) ”

  1. I was bummed out when i heard this, i love Pieces, its one of my all time favorite films and a perfect slasher. my condolences go out to his family

  2. Very sad news…… Pieces is one of my favorite horror films. My condolences also goes out to his family. I think I will watch Pieces today in his honor.

  3. I recently discovered this classic AND this site. Great stuff sad to see the director go.

  4. Thanks for the shout out Amanda! Sad news indeed—and I just started to get to know him and his work : (

  5. Very sad news, my condolences to his family. Pieces was truly a classic and will live on through his work. Farewell Juan

  6. PIECES was a one of a kind film and Juan Piquer Simon was a one of a kind director.I first saw his kiddy adventure films in my youth and later caught up to his horror pics.He was a colorful character and truly seemed like he loved what he did for a living.It always pleases me to see someone who really seems to love life.I’ll miss him.Rest In Peace.

  7. Pieces and Slugs are vastly entertaining. I have a much treasured big box of Slugs. The exact same copy I rented in about 1991, along with scarecrows.
    Juan Piquer Simon was a very special director and although late, I plan to celebrate his life through the medium of aerobic workouts and random acts of Kung Fu.

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