Kane Hodder Talks Hatchet 2 and Frozen


Former Jason Voorhees Kane Hodder recently spoke about his upcoming projects with director Adam Green. The duo, who have previously collaborated on the ultragory slasher Hatchet (in which Hodder portrayed another superhuman villain, Victor Crowley), recently completed work on Green’s latest, Frozen, due for release next year.

But Hodder revealed plans for two more projects that they hope to work on together. “We’re hoping to do Hatchet 2 at the end of the year,” revealed the fifty-four year old actor/stuntman, who first came to the attention of horror fans with Friday the 13th Part VIII: The New Blood back in 1988. “I’m going to be doing another project with him in about a month. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say about that one, so I’d better not say anything right now just in case—I don’t want to take any chances. We also just did Frozen; I was the stunt coordinator for that and also played a character.”

Green became hot property after his 2006 bloodfest Hatchet proved popular with horror fans. With impressive effects from The New Blood‘s John Carl Buechler, the movie became one of the most hyped flicks of the year and audiences have been waiting to see what he will deliver next. As for Hodder, his bitterness at losing out on the role of Jason for good has been well documented, but he still continues to balance his acting and stunt chores in such films as B.T.K. and the as-yet-to-be-released Black Friday 3D.



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13 Responses to “ Kane Hodder Talks Hatchet 2 and Frozen ”

  1. I hated Hatchet with a passion — because I was *sold* on the whole ’80s Slasher classic’ thing. I even signed up for the Hatchet Army! Then I see the film and it’s this jokey ‘Not Another Teen Movie,’ ripoff of real classics like Madman and Jason Lives.

    But I like Adam Green. I look forward to Frozen and anything OTHER than Hatchet 2.

  2. It strikes me that the only thing slasher fans want to see these days are remakes. Any time someone tries to incorporate slasher into their films (Hatchet, Vacancy, The Strangers) they are immediately shot down. Hatchet wasn’t great but it was entertaining and gory and I found it more fun than the Friday the 13th remake. But that’s just my opinion.

  3. I thought Hatchet was a refreshing change considering the current state of the horror genre. I say bring on Hatchet 2.

    Also, does anyone know what happened to Kane’s neck? I always notice the scars.

  4. Yeah I have to agree with Racicot, I too looked forward to Hatchet delivering like an old 80’s slasher flick and and was very disappointed. I don’t think remakes are the way to go either because they are never as good as the original and some are awful it hurts (Black Christmas & Prom Night come to mind). I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream were some good slashers. I am not a fan of the supernatural slashers.
    Christian I noticed you mentioned Vacancy, which was a film I enjoyed allot. I don’t know that I would consider that a slasher but in a way I guess it could be. I think The Strangers was the best bit of horror done in years, a truly scary film.
    I have some decent hopes for Sorority Row but I will be avoiding Hatchet 2 if it ever gets completed.

  5. There have been some great slasher movies out recentelly but Hatchet aint one of them. Cold Prey 1and2,Manhunt,Laid To Rest and Satans Little Helper where a million times better than Hatchet.

  6. Christopher, Vacancy wasn’t marketed as a slasher, they tried to make it look more respectable, but I think deep down that’s where it drew its inspiration from. And to be honest I found it succeeded as a slasher far more than the Prom Night or April Fool’s Day remakes did

  7. Christian I could not agree more about the remakes of Prom Night and April Fools Day. Let’s not forget to mention the debacle that was the remake of Black Christmas. I guess Vacancy was a slasher on a different level. The film was well done and well acted at that.

  8. My only real issue with Vacancy was that they had the nerve to kill off their lead actor, only for him to somehow still be alive in the end, like David Arquette in EVERY Scream movie. Aside from that, Vacancy was pretty tense and the killers had creepy masks. And Frank Whalley as the motel owner was excellent. So while it is never really referred to as a slasher I think deep down it was.

  9. I loved Hatchet. Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Robert Englund (kinda)

    great cast

  10. Hatchet was the shit… Im so burned out on all the CGI in films these days. And if you ask me, i’ll take a remake over all this after dark horror shit as well.Remakes never meet the expectations of the fans because if your like me, we’ve seen it all.Keep the boogeyman alive. If you don’t share my opinion, cool. I’ll send you my copy of Paranormal Activity…

  11. I dont know, why so much people are hating Hatchet! In my opinion, it was one of the best Horror movie’s, that came out in the last few yeaI dont know, why so much people are hating Hatchet! In my opinion, it was one of the best Horror movie’s, that came out in the last few years! It’s NOT a rip-off, you can’t make a Horror movie today, without something similar like an an older Horror movie. What Im trying to say, a movie like Hatchet is WAAAAAY better than all this goddamn remake’s that are comming out. The most of the remake’s don’t get the atmosphere, charm and sometime’s even the brutality of the originals! Hatchet was a great movie, with some great killing scene’s, sick effects, amazing atmosphere and a kick ass serial killer, called Victor Crowley! “Compared to Victor Crowly, Jason look’s like a bitch!”, that’s wat Kane Hodder said in an interview last year and it’s the thruth! I love Victor Crowley and I hope to see many good sequels!
    Oh and by the way, Hollywood shouldn’t make remake’s, but rather sequels!

  12. I frankly loved Hatchet. To me, it was one of only a few movies nowadays that has an original plot, descent acting and th whole nine yards. Hollywood needs to stop the remake invasion and go back to making movies that was prevalent during the70’s, 80’s 90’s. All I want to know is, what happened? Did they run out of ideas or what?

  13. nóis não entendemos nada!mais mesmo assim nóis amamos o kane hodder e o jason !

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