Kellan Lutz Talks ELM STREET Remake


MTV recently caught up with Kellan Lutz, the twenty-four year old star of Prom Night, 90210 and, most recently, the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street alongside Jackie Earle Haley. Sites have been debating for some time whether or not Lutz’s character, Dean, is intended to be a carbon copy of the one portrayed by Johnny Depp in the original 1984 classic.

“It’s very similar to (the original), but with new characters… It’s a lot of fun, and it’s actually pretty spooky to be on the set, on location seeing what we’re working with,” states the young actor, whose role as Emmett Cullen in the recent vampire hit Twilight turned him into a bonafide teen pin up. “It’s been great working with Jackie and Thomas (Dekker) and Katie (Cassidy) and Rooney (Mara), and Jackie is a really nice guy — but he’s gonna do a great job doing Freddy.”


Source: MTV

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4 Responses to “ Kellan Lutz Talks ELM STREET Remake ”

  1. I find myself more interested in what they say about Jackie E.H. as Freddy!

  2. I just can’t imagine this being done. Jason had rocky origins, and the original story just died over time. Therefore, a remake was in order, but A Nightmare on Elm St. stayed true to its essence, and the original story is yet to be wrapped up…

  3. a nightmare on elm st remake will be a good moive i theking was craven’s be manking good miove’s from zack

  4. omg i jus love kellen lutz in twilight. he is guna do such a gr8 job in this movie! i cant wait 2 c it

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