Killer Party: Lost Gore Shots

Here are two kills you won’t see in the vhs version of Killer Party.  Maybe one day slasher fans will finally get to see this underrated slasher gem in uncut form.  But for now enjoy these pics and imagine what might have been if the gore scenes had been left intact.

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15 Responses to “ Killer Party: Lost Gore Shots ”

  1. The company that finally steps up and releases Killer Party on DVD will make a mint off 80’s slasher fans like myself. So why isn’t it on DVD yet?

  2. I saw this movie once…on Youtube! I have yet to see a decent quality version of this flick. I must, though! I vaguely remember a couple scenes here and there, but for the most part I don’t have a clue as to what the movie is about. Hopefully Code Red or Blue Underground will snatch this title up and give it a proper DVD release.

  3. I love this movie. I use to watch it a ton on USA Up All Night. Can’t tell you how many times I saw this on that show. I taped it once and had it a long time before the video just was too faded to watch anymore. I agree, gotta see a DVD release of this.

    Very nice get with the deleted kill photos. Great job!

  4. Okay, KILLER PARTY is one of my all-time favorite movies (not just horror movies, but movies in general) and I actually almost made a website for it before. My question is – where on EARTH did these come from??? I always knew this film was brutally cut, but this is just amazing. Details, please!

  5. This movie rules. It is 80s horror through & through.

    I could barely tell the girl was being killed. Not incredibly gory.

  6. Great late 80’s slasher. Mixed the supernatural with the slasher style perfectly. Gotta love the beginning too.

  7. THIS IS SERIOUSLY one of my favourite horror films! I love how the killer (Jennifer) wears the old school diving suit! Classic! Anchor Bay or Code Red find the rights and find the footage uncut- and turn it to quality picture DVD!!! Pleeeaseeee!

  8. I’m with you all! I love this film! I’m also a fan of the band at the beginning, “White Sister”! Let’s start a petition! Code Red, Anchor Bay, Blue Underground, Lions Gate, or Dark Sky……ARE YOU LISTENING?????

  9. Why would you folks wish Code Red on this fabulous flick??

  10. I’ve seriously only ever imagined MGM releasing this movie (especially back when they still released the Midnite Movies line). Although there would be a good chance it would be barebones, they would probably release the cleanest print.

    In the off chance they DID include extras, I would like to see them release it with the option to watch the theatrically released (what’s on VHS) version, along with William Fruet’s cut (if any exists). And hopefully, one or both of those versions would of course include excised gore and extra scenes – or at least have deleted footage included as an extra.

    Commentary with the 3 lead girls would be awesome, especially considering Sherry Willis-Burch came out of hiding for the FINAL EXAM commentary. This movie has a very special place in my heart, I know that sounds corny but it does!

    “These are the best times of our lives…these are the best times!” :-)

  11. Wasn’t there also a slightly altered for cable version as well?

  12. I found a VHS copy about 10 years ago for $3. Then last month I go into a convenience store that is selling VHS, and it was there for $2. So of course I bought it!!!

    Both copies I have are on the Key Video label but I recall seeing a cover online that has the MGM logo on the front

  13. Somebody’s been looking through their old issues of Fangoria lately.

    I myself prefer a big fat cucumber.

  14. TOMMY ZOMBIE! I am with you all the way! I seriously want to start a petition! I wish there was like a strike- and I could make the companies ACTUALLY do these films on DVD! White Sister is pretty cool! and someone SHOULD start a petition ONLINE! at PETITIONONLINE!!!! pleeasee!

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