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Because reciprocal links are so 1998. Critical Condition – a long running website that started as a fanzine in the early 80’s. I can only hope 25 years from now that Retro Slashers is still thriving in some medium. There are reviews aplenty but the crowning achievement of editor/publisher Fred Adelman is his Visual History of Video Companies project. Covering both the major players and budget labels from the golden age of video tape horror & exploitation, even a seasoned collector such as myself is frequently in shock-slash-awe at the rare delights on show. Vestron, Embassy, Gorgon, Magnum, Thriller etc., the garishly air-brushed gang’s all here. A little trivia for you, our “slasher team” banner is a heavy alteration of a fantastic advert found on CriticalCon for TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and other Media Home Video horror releases.

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  1. 25 years from now, My Bloody Valentine 3-D will be a retro slasher, along with all the other remakes.

  2. Oh, thanks for posting this. I had forgotten the name of that site…it’s so much fun to look at all of those unknown films…theres so many.

    I wish the site would be different though b/c I find it messy and hard to handle myself lol

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