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Because reciprocal links are so 1998. Regular visitors will no doubt notice the absence of staff writer Christian Sellers from this website. Christian was only with us for a short period but that was an incredibly prolific period, and the resulting content was a great boon for the website. Retro Slashers is notoriously (some would say snobbily so) picky in which writers it brings on board, so it’s never a surprise to see them eventually go up onto larger endeavors or responsibilities. A notable graduate of Retro Slashers University was Lance Vaughan, who moved onto his own website Kindertrauma which now occupies a frighteningly vital niche on the web. And so, as the wheel turns, Christian has seeked an avenue to better develop his creative voice and the result is Dr Gore’s Funhouse – a celebration of the bizarre and the macabre. There you’ll find all manner of in-depth articles such as Christian is known for, now spanning such varied topics like Video Nasties and Zombies. Our fair graduates are never too far away – so do join me in thanking Christian for his terrific work with us and be sure to bookmark his new haunt for daily goodness.

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6 Responses to “ Killer Sites: Dr Gore’s Funhouse ”

  1. I was wondering why Christian was not writing on here anymore. I have been following his new website as well and he will be missed here.

  2. Christian is a very good writer but I have to say I thought his reviews where way to full of spoilers.He just gave away to much information.I wish him luck with his new site though.

  3. I have to agree with that Christian was an excellent writer and contributor to this site. I miss his reviews and pieces he wrote for Retro. Glad to see he’s got his site up and running. Retro Slashers will still continue to be the place for all things Retro, though. Here’s looking to the next chapter for Retro Slashers!!

  4. Here here!

  5. John,

    Thanks for pointing out Christians excellent site! There is so much there already to peruse and it looks great. Good going Christian!

    And thanks for the mention. I was so very lucky to have my first writing gig at such an awesome place as Retroslashers!

  6. Thanks Unk, glad you’re liking the site. Love what you do with Kindertrauma as well. Keep in touch!

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