Krueger Coverage Jumps The Shark


Wow. Just wow. I believe horror news sites have hit a new low by creating news based around an image of a near empty freakin’ coffee cup with barely the tips of Freddy’s new glove blades visible. Big whup. However I got so many emails asking to see this, so since I am beholden to you guys, your wish is my command. It’s worth the inevitable Pot Kettle Black accusations just so I can complain like the cranky old coot I am. Anyway, it appeared on Jackie Earle Haley’s Twitter, but I’m going to credit Shock Till You Drop because that’s where I saw it first as I don’t use fucking Twitter. Next up, breaking news – a spy photo of a piece of fluff from Freddy’s new sweater!

Source: STYD

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17 Responses to “ Krueger Coverage Jumps The Shark ”

  1. This is so friggen stupid I won’t even put it on the nightmare site!

  2. I agree! Lame!

    Funny article though.

  3. I didn’t even bother reporting it. I know Rob Zombie’s updates are usually pointless and boring but at least he hasn’t posted a cup of f*****g coffee!

  4. It seems that subtlety is completely lost on the great minds here at – what exactly was this little known horror site again?? – oh, right, Retro Slashers. If you bothered to read the comments on Shock Til You Drop, or any of the other sites that posted this photo, most people appreciated the sly humor behind this photo of the tips of Freddy’s fingernails. Those of us who DO use ‘f***ing Twitter’ have been pleading with Jackie Earle Haley for a picture of him as Mr. Kruger; and as he obviously isn’t allowed to post any such thing, and as he possesses that rare quality that no one here is acquainted with – a SENSE OF HUMOR – this picture is his hilarious response. Perhaps, Mr. Klyza, you can still trade in your cranky-old-cootedness for the far more appealing SENSE OF HUMOR while they’re on sale at Wal Mart this week, if you kept the receipt for it, of course.

  5. Wow, someone needs to take their meds!

  6. And someone else needs a sense of humor as well..

  7. Hello Morella, I think you are mistaken and the situation is reversed – it is you who needs a sense of humor, as I was clearly poking fun at the lack of exciting materials to be captured from the new NOES so far. And those that have visited for a while know I am merely 30 years old, so the cranky old coot comments are always in jest. Of course, humor is subjective – one person’s laugh is another person’s disgust. However the very first commenter even called my piece “funny”, so there’s a third party validation right there. I did get an actual real-world laugh out of your critical comment though – so you in fact succeeded in teaching me to have a more of a sense of humor after all! Love, John.

  8. Thanks for responding to me! I appreciate your explaining what your intentions were when you wrote the article so I could understand where you were coming from, which I do now; and I agree, a sense of humor is a very subjective thing. You’re right, the people commenting here do find what you wrote humorous, so I am the one lacking the kind of sense of humor that all of you share. Your article wasn’t well received on Twitter, though, which is where I found the link to it; people there took it for just another Jackie Earle Haley-bashing piece by a Robert Englund fanatic, actually! I am glad to know that wasn’t what you intended, and to find that you’re funny & friendly, and cool enough to write back to me. And I knew you weren’t really an old coot, you know. :)

  9. No problem at all Morella. I do plan on trying to use/learn about Twitter but it took me years to step into the MySpace waters, that’s why I have another guy (Christian) to take care of all Retro Slashers’ social networking needs. :)

  10. The blade tips of Freddie’s glove touching a coffee cup? I’m sorry, I don’t find that inherrently humorous.

  11. I find it uninspired to be honest. Let’s hope things start heating up soon.

  12. VERY uninspiring. I hold the original Nightmare as my all time favorite movie (for various reasons) so I get very defensive about this remake. As most of us know, the script floating around was one giant stinky turd that just don’t flush. Someone call a plumber, please.

  13. ‘One giant stinky turd that just don’t flush.’ That’s a quote I want to see on the poster!

  14. LOL Glad ya like. I just hope that by some miracle the movie will be much different than the script. We know PD’s track record, though. They’re in it for the money, not the fans

  15. Hey, John, do give Twitter a try! It’s super easy compared to MySpace – no page to create or maintain, and I think it’s much more fun to just chat w/ people instead of leaving comments & graphics on their you’d enjoy it! :)

  16. I agree, SkaryMoviez, the original NOES was absolutely brilliant, so original & truly terrifying! A very good choice for your all-time fave film!

  17. I thought the script was good.

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