Life After Slashers

The four women in this article have two things in common.  First, each one had an important role in a slasher.  Second, they have found careers outside of the acting profession.  There are plenty of horror stories about what happens to slasher stars after the cameras stop rolling, but this is a positive look at four who have flourished and prospered.

Ivette Soler plays Joannie in Popcorn, the Bob Clark produced tribute to late night horror-thons.  After her love for acting soured, Ms. Soler channeled her love for gardening into a new career.  She is known as The Germinatrix to gardening enthusiasts on her blog (  Soler is still a horror fan and celebrates Halloween with scary movies and pumpkin carving parties.  Her Oct. 26 blog post details why she left acting and how gardening gave her a chance at a happier life.  Ivette Soler is hard at work on her first book which is tentatively scheduled for publication next year.

Harley Jane Kozak ( is best known to slasher fans as Diane, the sorority sister who goes out to the shed to start the van but never comes back in The House on Sorority Row.  These days Ms. Kozak is a mystery writer with four novels to her credit and short stories in numerous anthologies.  Her newest novel is A Date You Can’t Refuse. 

The best thing about Splatter University  is Forbes Riley’s performance as Julie Parker, a sweet, young teacher who discovers a killer is stalking the campus.  She looks so innocent compared to the rest of the sleazy things going on in the film.  Now, Forbes Riley, queen of the infomercials, can be seen on late night tv promoting  juicers, blenders, and many other products designed to make life better for the average American household.  Ms. Riley is also a fitness guru.  The bio on her website ( mentions her involvement with Splatter University and includes an image of the poster.  It’s really nice to see she’s proud of her slasher movie past.

Some actors are accused of “chewing the scenery”, but in Visiting Hours Michael Ironside chews on Lenora Zann, literally.  As the tough, streetwise Lisa, Zann eventually gets her revenge by destroying Ironside’s apartment and ratting him out to the cops.  Ms. Zann also appears as Maggie, one of the special students in Happy Birthday to Me.  Comic book fans might remember her as the voice of Rogue on several X-Men cartoons back in the 1990s.  Lenora Zann is currently a member of the legislative assembly for Nova Scotia.  She is also an assistant to the Department of Tourism, Culture, and Heritage and a member of the the Economic Development Committee.

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