There’s just a lot of interesting stuff online right now, so I thought I’d share…

For those of you who might not have heard yet, there is documentary in the works on the late, great Bob Clark. According to the ClarkWorld Films site:

In the tradition of award winning, offbeat and stylized documentaries such as The Kid Stays in the Picture and Crumb, ClarkWorld is an inside look into the eccentric life of famed film Director, Bob Clark. When success was met with high-profile box office failures, Clark would effortlessly switch genres, studios and even countries…anything to continue making movies. But as Clark continued to struggle against a series of flops, he was simultaneously being heralded as an inspiration to a new breed of filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, John Carpenter and many others, citing their influence from his iconic films such as Porky’s, Murder by Decree, Turk 182, Black Christmas, and of course, the legendary film A Christmas Story (on over 100 critics lists of top 50 movies of all time, and the best Christmas movie of all time). Clark’s film Black Christmas was initially blasted by critics when originally released in 1974, but now, three decades later, it is acknowledged a a pure post-modern masterpiece. As we continue to weave between various anecdotes told by some very famous people, we discover insight to Clark’s quirky and unpredictable personality as well as his integrity and genius. ClarkWorld is unique, because Bob Clark was unique. It is a riveting, hilarious, edgy, and poignant film that takes us on a whimsical journey inside the world of Bob Clark.

There are updates, and a bittersweet YouTube short featuring Bob’s son Ariel, who died alongside his father (you’ll find it in the Links section). Please check out the site and keep an eye out for what is sure to be a fantastic doc!

Another site recently cropped up that I think everyone should visit. As some of you are aware of, Blood Diner is one of my all time favorite films of all time ever in the history of the world and maybe even the universe. Ever. The lead actor, Rick Burks was tragically killed in a drunk driving incident in 1989 (what is it with drunk driving?!? Don’t do it!), cutting short a life and career full of infinite potential. Recently, Rick’s father, Don created a tribute site for his son. Please visit Rick Burk’s Tribute Site. This is a work in progress. I will be contributing something to the site in the future as well.

Sadly, Rick’s mom, Sandra “Beau” Beauchamp recently passed away. I had met her a few years ago when she and Rick’s sister, Lori invited me into their home where they showed me home movies and let me listen to some of his fantastic music. Please support his family and keep Rick’s memory strong.

And finally, the Bodycount Continues forums are BACK ON LINE! YAY! Please stop by, register and let your love of all things slasher be heard!

There’s also a request for hot chicks! If you’re a hot chick who loves horror, trust me, these guys would LOVE to have you stop by!

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  1. I love your blog and was pleasantly surprised to read about our movie, “ClarkWORLD”. If I may add a plug, clips from the movie can be seen at:


  2. Hi Deren!

    Thanks for taking the time to post the link and comment! I can’t wait for this doc. Please keep us posted!

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