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We all want Eli Roth’s THANKSGIVING to be made into a feature film, but don’t count out MACHETE!

About the only people who have any reason to fondly reminisce about the 1980’s are Republicans (who can’t stop fawning over Ronald Reagan) and action movie lovers. The 80’s were full of action movies populated by muscled demigods that ate lightning and crapped thunder. One-man armies that shrugged off gunshot wounds like they were mosquito bites. I’ve written of my love for this era before, and it’s with more than a twinge of disappointment that I realize times have changed. Action movies, real, test-markets-and-PG-13-limits-be-damned action movies full of glorified, over-the-top violence and obligatory titty shots are dead. They’re extinct. Or at least, I thought they were. Until I read the script for Robert Rodriguez’s Machete and remembered his resume.

If you’re one of the hundred or so people that actually saw Grindhouse, then you might remember that several of RR and Quentin Tarantino’s film-making buddies produced trailers for non-existent films that ran in front of Death Proof and Planet Terror. One of them was done by RR himself, for a film called Machete. You can go ahead and watch the trailer below (amazingly it hasn’t been flagged for nudity by YouTube, awesome!):

Here’s the crazy part. While Eli Roth and Rob Zombie and Edgar Wright probably just pulled the ideas for their fake trailers out of their asses and slapped them together with no thought of ever actually turning them into real films, that wasn’t the case with RR. After working with Danny Terjo in Desperado, he wrote an entire script for a feature-length film centering on Trejo as a Charles Bronsan-esque Federale named Machete, but he never got around to making it. Cut to when they were making Grindhouse and he puts together that trailer. Cut to present day and RR is actually moving forward with a Machete feature film.

Full Story: CC2K Machete Script Review

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4 Responses to “ Machete Script Review ”

  1. Fingers crossed that this goes ahead as,muchlike Thanksgiving, it shows promise. I think the least interesting out of the Grindhouse trailers was Edgar Wright’s Don’t.

  2. “About the only people who have any reason to fondly reminisce about the 1980’s are Republicans (who can’t stop fawning over Ronald Reagan) and action movie lovers. ” – An article that lost my interest in the first sentence. Not an easy feat.

    John, the fragment “my love for this era” is in black type on black background. Just letting you know.

  3. 2ndSuitor, I am familiar with CC2K and have actually written for them. Most of the folks there are under 30 and don’t “get” the 80s (like there’s anything to get… they ruled!), but don’t be disheartened because what they say about awesome action movies is true. I’d love to see a revamp of the genre. I mean, we’ve had a good start with the newest Rambo, so I would like to see Machete keep this new trend going.

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