Madhouse Coming To DVD

Featuring quite possibly the most annoying wisecracking slasher ever (pre-Freddy, too!), MPI bring Ovidio G. Assonitis’s Madhouse (1981) to DVD on November 25th.

Beautiful do-gooder Julia (Trish Everly) and her insane, hideously deformed twin sister Mary (Allison Biggers) have a hard time occupying the same room, let alone the same town, without Mary either brandishing a butcher knife or letting her giant killer dog come out to play. Their uncle, Father James (Dennis Robertson), presses for reconciliation but to no avail. With their mutual birthday fast approaching, Mary escapes from the local asylum. Soon thereafter, the bodies of Julia’s friends and students mount around her. But is Mary actually the killer?

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13 Responses to “ Madhouse Coming To DVD ”

  1. Woo! Another Video Nasty title coming to dvd!

  2. Woo! Another video nasty coming to dvd!

  3. Whoops, sorry about the double post

  4. I adore this movie. I wrote a review of it on Retro’s main site if anyone wants to give a look. I think it’s really underrated and pretty creepy. It’s not perfect, but quite stylish and fun.

  5. I loved Trish Everly in this, and I think it’s a real shame that she didn’t do more horror movies (or movies period). Her disfigured sister is an effective character as well, but the other killer is terrible (and I’m not talking about the dog).

  6. I love this movie as well! But I think they could have chosen a better tagline for the cover. That one is a little too obvious…


  7. I agree with tagline and the whole box art. It could have been SO much better!

  8. I love the tagline – it immediately establishes the concept of an unnoticed intruder.

    However… Julia doesn’t live alone. There’s the new age landlady. And the sister hanging out in the attic for a few days doesn’t technically constitute her living there.

  9. I love this movie! Best opening credits EVER!

  10. Has anyone here bought this? I’m seriously thinking about getting it, but want to know if people who have it are satisfied with the DVD release. I think it’s a pretty entertaining movie with a mean streak.

  11. Get it TUZO! Haha the transfer is really really good and the movie is fully uncut. As for the extras, the interview with Ovidio G. Assonitis is pretty interesting. Then they have a still gallery and those are always fun to look at. Its a pretty decent DVD. Glad to have it in my collection.

  12. Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE the score of Madhouse. Soooo good. :0)

  13. Thanks for the info, Jack.It does sound too good to pass up. This has been a good year so far for obscure slashers getting a DVD release.

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