Maniac Cop Gallery

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4 Responses to “ Maniac Cop Gallery ”

  1. I love Maniac Cop!

    Hey… Is that Rhonda Johnson from Aerobicide on pic numer 15?

  2. Yes it was, she played Nancy, one of a couple who are attacked by Cordell whilst making out at the traffic lights. I think the actress was called Marcia Karr or something along those lines. She was also in an excellent flick from the eighties called Savage Streets, by the director of Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning.

  3. I own this on special edition VHS. I have always loved this movie. Any film with Tom Atkins will rock. This is a suprisingly well made film. However, some acting is atrocious, but I think that makes the film that much more campy and lends to its cult status. The second movie was alright, but Badge of Silence was an awful movie. Even for direct to video standards.

  4. Badge of Silence has a pretty muddled plot and slow pace but the action sequence at the end with him on fire whilst chasing them as they’re in an ambulance is a series highlight!

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