Maniac Friday part 2

I enjoyed ABN’s recent image gallery of Maniac. But the pics were a bit dry. Here are some images that highlight the red stuff.

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14 Responses to “ Maniac Friday part 2 ”

  1. Alright, another Maniac Friday! Loved when Savini blew off his own head. IMO, that’s one of his best SFX.

  2. definitely agree MadMan!

  3. damme right madman en the performence of spinel is a masterpeice

  4. One thing to say about MANIAC: masterpiece!!!

  5. question for all maniac fan now evry one know’s bill gone a do a remake of that film my for quesestion for you (who is the the best actor for reprise the role of joe maniac spinell for my part Josh Brolin i waith your’s

  6. i wait for your Answer sorry

  7. my second choise Danny Trejo

  8. For me i don’t want to see a remake!!! But if i have a choise to do i will said Michael Rooker

  9. This movie kicks much ass!One of my favorite slasher movies.Joe Spinell was such an awesome actor.I think he did such a great,convincing job at portraying a maniac.Very disturbing movie with kick ass fx.Knifesky I hope they dont make a remake because I dont think any other actor could be as creepy as Spinell was in that role.Danny Trejo is an intresting choice,he deserves a staring role.I heard they were making the machete movie,I hope its true!

  10. tank’s dude fore the Answer verry en me too iam not realy hot fore a remake of this classic but you know hollywood en fore the rest of you bloge pepole i wait your’s en one more time tank’s

  11. ho en for your answer guy’s for dougboy is tru for machete en for rituals good idée en got a question for why your names is rituals is for the movie or the testament album

  12. to knifesky for the movie first and im a TESTAMENT fans so…. :)

  13. coool wath is your favorit song for my self is Disciples of the Watch en for the movie is so nice the end give me the creep

  14. to answer to knifesky i like the song LOW but my favorite one is Into The Pit !!!

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