Maniac Poster By Stephen Romano Bleeds Down Your Wall

Holy hannah, will you take a look at this? Right now? Maniac (1980) scores a new poster in celebration of its return theatrical run via Grindhouse Releasing and Blue Underground. Sure, there was nothing wrong at all with the original legs-knife-scalp poster – in fact it was everything right about early 80’s grimy slashers. Even that denim bulge. But this new one is fantastic in its own right – eschewing the anonymous terror of the original to give the late great Joe Spinell his due, as well as Caroline Munro. A festering look into the internal mania of the maniac.

Stephen Romano aka The Best In The Biz is responsible for this crimson delight. Grindhouse Releasing are offering limited editions of the poster on their website – 100 copies, individually numbered and personally auto’d by director William Lustig & producer Andrew Garroni. $40 plus $10 shipping. Chase that up here: Maniac onesheet

For the purists out there, the Maniac 30th Anniversary DVD/Blu-Ray out now carries the original cover art. Which is cool with me because detailed art like this deserves to displayed large on the wall, not shrunken down to those puny-sized blu-ray covers.

Your living room may be a safe place to watch this movie, but the real experience is in watching with a paying, rowdy public, just like the 42nd st days. Maniac is playing at selected theatres across the US throughout November. Is one near you? Hit it: Maniac theatrical playdates

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3 Responses to “ Maniac Poster By Stephen Romano Bleeds Down Your Wall ”

  1. very awesome!! love this film. i have the blue underground dvd, just waiting til i get the funds and im gonna buy the 30th anniversary blu-ray. cant wait

  2. I always need to shower after watching this movie.

  3. Right on! Thanks for the great writeup, John – really appreciate it. MANIAC on the big screen is the ultimate experience in horror. We are adding more dates so look out, it may be in your city sooner than you think!

    David Szulkin
    Grindhouse Releasing

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