Marty teams up with a Killer Santa, Linda Blair, and a confused Vampire

If you missed the uncut version of Slaughter High the first time Lionsgate released it on dvd, then don’t fret.  Lionsgate has re-released the dvd as part of a 4-Film Pack along with Silent Night Deadly Night 3, Repossessed, and My Best Friend is a Vampire.  You can find this once in a lifetime team-up at Wal-Mart for the staggering low price of $5.  The only downside is all of the films are full frame.

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19 Responses to “ Marty teams up with a Killer Santa, Linda Blair, and a confused Vampire ”

  1. cool! im gonna go get this! wal-mart has had some good 80s slashers lately-i just got happy birthday to me and prom night.

  2. that’s crazy. While none of them are gonna sell well by themselves, 4 for $5 is crazy. That’s almost as good as some of the movies they got put out on that dvd and bluray for $10 thing.

  3. Definitely picking this one up! I only have Slaughter High on VHS. Anyone know if the DVD version is uncut?

  4. The dvd is uncut. It also features a pop up trivia option and the original Vestron trailer.

  5. I was at the local Wal-Mart today and they didn’t have it. I’ll just have to look around at the other ones and hopefully I’ll find it. Slaughter High has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Poor Marty :(

  6. 5 bucks, eh? For fullframe – I’ll hold out. Atleast the SNDN 3 artwork was restored. The SNDN 3-5 Boxset had crappy (and unrelated) artwork. SNDN 3 was shot widescreen and I believe “Slaughter High” is the only one actually filmed Fullscreen in this set. Lionsgate continues their marketing to lower-class idiots who still buy FOOLSCREEN and shop at Wal-Mart. When will they realize that most 80’s horror fans are intelligent enough to want their movies the way they were originally made? We’re not ALL Wal-Mart customers.


  7. LOVE My Best Friend is a Vampire. They had that on cable a few years ago. Will have to pick it up if I see it.

  8. 4 movies for 5 bucks isn’t a bad deal, regardless if it’s full screen or not. And what a way to generalize people as “lower class idiots” because they shop at Wal-Mart. Stupid and completely unnecessary.

  9. How funny is it that RHR is trying to impress us with his idiotic statement and go on to say “that most 80’s horror fans are intelligent enough to want their movies the way they were originally made.” when he or she remixes and re-edits films so they are the way the director did NOT intend. Your hypocrisy and ignorance is blinding.

  10. RHR, a lot of 80s horror was only ever seen on video and full screen was the norm. Some of these films still look better that way. There was just something right about that big box. And these were cheap films not panoramic David Lean style epics. I think most of the makers of this stuff would be surprised and happy that people were still watching them.

  11. cathedralofdemoni, WELL SAID!!! I thought the same thing after I had posted my comment.

  12. cathedralofdemoni said:

    “he or she remixes and re-edits films so they are the way the director did NOT intend”

    Apparently you don’t know a whole lot about us. Most of the time the ARE re-done the way the Director intended. We are releasing a complete “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Box set that includes extended/composite versions of every original TCM film (the way the Director’s intended!)

    We have done A LOT for the horror community (releasing WIDESCREEN versions of “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”, “Terror In The Aisles” and the rare “7 Doors of Death” alternate version, PLUS composites of “Child’s Play 2″, and all “TCM” films, plus many other extended editions) and we feel that most horror fans are intelligent people who enjoy horror films the way they were meant to be seen. This is why RHR exists. We do the other “fan edits” for fun as “companion” pieces” to the original films. We deserve more credit and respect than your rude comment gave.

    And SkaryMoviez: My opinion of Wal-Mart and the people who shop there has not changed. Do you know ANYTHING about that corporation???

    Give me a break guys. You’ve got nothing to bitch about.

  13. RHR get over yourself, you are not the savior of the horror community that you seem to think you are. I know enough about your hack productions to know that I would never deal with you. As for my comment it was not meant to be rude. I just found it funny that someone that keeps throwing the intelligence word around can be so stupid, so I merely pointed out your hypocrisy. And your opinion of Walmart was never expressed. Your RUDE cutdown was against people who shop at Walmart not Walmart itself. But i guess you don’t even understand what you say. Credit and respect? You have to be joking.

    Goodbye and and have a nice day RHR I will not waste anymore more of my time on you. My apologies to the other fine folks on here.

  14. Hack productions? Do YOU edit/Direct horror movies? NO. You sit here all day and argue with people you don’t even know online. Loser. YOU get over YOURSELF.

  15. RHR anyone who releases a good print of the Town that Dreaded Sundown can’t be all bad, but exploitation and horror films are not really something to get snooty about. Half the time these films were meant to be seen semi-drunk with your tongue down your girlfriend’s throat! Or by gormless kids who just wanted some boobs and gore.
    The beauty of these films is that they were low-rent. Sure, some of them were well made and had artistic intent. But come on, My Best Friend is a Vampire! I think the director’s vision extended little beyond his pay cheque! He was probably praying for wal-mart to pick it up. Slaughter High is great, but it suites being cheap.
    Getting snobby about films that were made for drive-ins, flee-pits and VHS is ridiculous. What do you want to do? Ban people from seeing movies on the grounds that they’re not the right sort of audience and offend you on spurious aesthetic principles?!!!

  16. I think RHR is a great editor, which is why I hired him to perform additional duties on SCIV THE SURVIVOR. Maybe many of his edits are NOT the way the director intended, but few films released officially ARE. They are the products of too many fingers in the pie. They are as a producer intended, or an actor intended, or a company or even censor intended, not just as a director intended or not.

    RHR’s edits are “fan intended” versions. He is simply giving people options. No one is going to stop watching the real deal – no wait, I take that back. Can you stand to watch CHEERLEADER MASSACRE? Because what he did with that abomination was freakin’ genius on a fan level, and I now have a SPM4 I have watched over and over in awe. And the punk even made the PROM NIGHT remake watchable and honorable to the original 1980 film. And anyone that runs out and makes a SCALPS 2: THE RETURN OF DJ based on an in-joke is cool with me.

    He is doing things the studios and the hallowed directors will not or can not do. Sure, like many who have a high output of titles they can be hit and miss. But I’ve seen much more hit than miss. I think most his detractors are more angry over the concept of what he does rather than the actual end results he releases. Overall I believe he’s doing a good thing, a great thing for horror. Just my two cents.

  17. John Klyza. I do not object to what RHR does. I object to him calling people “lower-class idiots” because they are shopping on a tight budget.
    I also object to him being silly and snobby about films that were never designed to be silly and snobby about. Fan edits are fine, but to airily dismiss people on the grounds of where they shop and pompously talk about the way these films were intended to be seen, when what you actually do is re-edit them to suite your own personal tastes is obnoxious and a contradiction in terms bordering on the oxymoronic, possibly with the oxy removed.

  18. I like what RHR has offered to the community, but come on, who cares where you shop for horror? I have found some cool stuff on wal mart/k mart for under 10 dollars over the years. One example: They had the TCM Ultimate Edition for 5 BUCKS!! last year, you can’t argue with that.

    Not everybody can throw large amounts of money on overpriced and out of print stuff.


  19. I have a bad rep. That is something I don’t like about the internet. Often times you read things the way you think the person is saying them and it can come off wrong. I’m not real good at expressing myself in writing, which is probably why I work on films. I never really meant to offend anyone and I don’t mean to come off as snobby about my work. I’ve just been doing this for 5 years and spent that whole 5 years constantly defending my work.

    In reality I am considered a very kind person. I work at an employee-owned co-op and believe in always doing what’s best for my community. I always put others before myself and am not happy unless everyone else is. I am usually OVER POLITE when I talk to people and I always entitle everyone to their own opinions.

    Horror (obviously) is my life. I have a deep passion for retro horror and with RHR simply wanted to carry on the tradition of obscure 80’s video labels – releasing “alternate” versions of favorite films. That will rub some people the wrong way, while for others (like myself) dig ANYTHING “alternate” or obscure when it comes to retro horror. Yes, I DO pretty much do this for myself. I pick the movies I want to handle, and I re-cut them the way I see fit. Over the years I felt my editing has got “professional” enough that I wanted to share my art with others. I figured there has got to be OTHER horror fans who might appreciate the changes I made or obscure prints I have uncovered…rather than keeping it all to myself. Believe it or not, RHR has a few hundred people who regularly download our stuff now, so I suppose that could make one feel special and like maybe they ARE doing something for the horror community.

    However, like John Klyza stated, this all helped me get into REAL “movies” doing editing…so it’s contributed SOMETHING real to the community.

    As for Wal-Mart, I’m just personally against shopping there. They mistreat their employees, stop unions from forming and force their workers into getting medicare instead of offering real insurance. I think the modern day Wal-Mart is the most evil corporation out there. They only offer movies for $5 BECAUSE THEY CAN and the little guy (remember the Ma and Pa video stores that no longer exist?) couldn’t. They undercut all competition so that others go out of business. Eventually, Wal-Mart will be the only store left, then do you think their prices will be so low? What if you no longer have a choice of where to shop? Then you will pay any price Wal-Mart charges.

    Look, everyone has their own set of beliefs and way of living…that’s what makes us human. RHR exists to help entertain horror fans who are fed up with newer not-so-scary “mainstream” stuff AND THAT’S IT. We are not a political party. I am trying to bring the 80’s attitude back to horror. Love us or hate us, we are still here and aren’t going anywhere. Again, I am sorry for my somewhat rude posts…I’m just in the habit of having to defend the world that is Retro Horror Remix.


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