Masters Of Giallo DVDs Bring Forth Beautiful Artwork


Talk about mouth watering cover art! These UK releases are bringing back VHS style painted artwork as well as cover design. At first I thought these were fan-doings because companies have generally not been able to correctly implement nostalgia for retro (witness Lionsgate’s awful ‘We Love The 80’s’ releases). Read on for the skinny on these titles plus some theatrical tie-ins.

Arrow Films are taking up the mantle passed on by Shameless Screen Entertainment, and launching a new Masters of Giallo DVD line. The line debuts June 29th with the works of Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci and Lamberto Bava and is devoted to showcasing the works of Italy’s genre directors. First to hit the stores will be Argento’s SLEEPLESS, Fulci’s THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY and Lamberto Bava’s MACABRE.

All of Arrow’s releases will be presented completely uncut for the first time in the UK, and will be packaged with double-sided sleeves featuring the original release artwork and brand new exploitation-style artwork, along with posters featuring the latter. There will also be a host of extras, including brand new documentaries. Check out the covers of the first three releases, they look amazing! Brings back memories of the early 80s rental market, where lurid covers were the order of the day.

The specifications:

• Murder Madness and Mutilation: SLEEPLESS and the Modern Italian Giallo docu with Joe Dante, Sergio Stivaletti, & Fango’s Tony Timpone.
• The Making of SLEEPLESS
• Press kit
• Photo gallery
• Trailer

• Fulci in the House: The Italian Master of Splatter docu with Dante, Stivaletti, Timpone and others
• Exclusive booklet with actress Catriona MacColl interview by Fango scribe Calum Waddell
• Deleted scene
• Photo gallery
• U.S. theatrical trailer
• International theatrical trailer
• U.S. TV spot

• MACABRE and the Golden Age of Italian Exploitation docu with Bava and Ruggero Deodato
• Exclusive booklet with Bava interview by Waddell
• Introduction to MACABRE by Bava
• Trailer
• Photo gallery

Arrow are supporting these releases with a “Weekend of Italian Terror” at Scotland’s Glasgow Film Theatre on Saturday-Sunday, June 27-28th. Tickets are set to go on sale via the GFT website very soon. The weekend’s schedule will be:

HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY June 27th at 9 p.m.
CUT AND RUN June 28th at 5:30 p.m., with Ruggero Deodato introducing and a Q&A with Calum Waddell
MACABRE June 28th at 8 p.m., with Lamberto Bava introducing and another Q&A with Waddell.

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6 Responses to “ Masters Of Giallo DVDs Bring Forth Beautiful Artwork ”

  1. I know I’ve kept my love of Italian cinema a secret but these look awesome! Already own the movies but I’m such a sucker for the eighties and particularly old VHS boxes with their excessive and outrageous covers. Excellent post there, John!

  2. Wow. Those covers made me a little moist! The Macabre one would look GREAT as a poster on my wall!

  3. Never thought Sleepless would receive such a great cover painting. :)

  4. Here’s a link to a Indie slasher with very cool cover art:

    Once again, would love to see/read more on retro one sheets, John.

  5. I have to say while all 3 totally rock, the one for “Sleepless” is the best for the film. “HBTC” looks very similar to the original artwork and “Macabre” looks just like a different version of the alternate U.S. artwork for “Frozen Terror”. “Sleepless” never had decent artwork on any release, most DVDs used a still shot from the film, so this one has to be the coolest!

  6. I’m loving all these cool releases that so many obscure movies are receiving. Shameless have done so much for rediscovering long lost Italian exploitation flicks and now these. In a world full of non-stop remakes, it’s nice that so much love is being given to these gems.

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