Michael Myers Gets Hit By Car (Video Fixed)

superbeastoCheck out this hilarious clip, and for all the snark it musters, remember it’s actually from Rob Zombie’s own HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO. Is Rob poking fun at himself, or revealing his true feelings about Michael Myers?

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9 Responses to “ Michael Myers Gets Hit By Car (Video Fixed) ”

  1. There is a veil of truth upon this metaphor. I bet his next animated feature will have a character shitting on/out a non-pink Blob.

    The mighty have fallen HARD.

    p.s. can’t get the clip to work.

  2. I can’t get the clip to work either, but I’ve heard Rob talk about this clip. It was apparently added in at the last minute by the animators, and Rob thought it was funny. Yeah, it is poking fun at Rob and the complaints that some fans have levelled at him.

  3. rob zombie ruined the entire halloween franchise.

  4. im gonna start a thread called rob zombie’s movie directing and writing rep gets hit by a car

  5. Thanks for the heads up guys, video now fixed.

  6. Cool clip. amjjv How did Zombie Ruin the entire halloween franchise exactly? Since he made his two are the others just no good now? Please explain ruined.Just wondering how one or two movies ruin an entire franchise.

  7. Yeah, Zombie didn’t ruin the Halloween series. Parts 5, 6 and “Resurrection” did a fine job of that! There was nothing in Zombie’s Halloween films that was even remotely as bad as Busta Rhymes kung fu kicking Michael Myers in a garage (shudder).

  8. oh im sry i ment the entire remake franchise,as in just the ones he did,and yeah i agree the original 1 and 2 where great,i also like 4 and 5 but the reast i think were just so we can see micheal kill ppl

  9. rob never understood the character-what made michael special was that he was PURE EVIL-a psychiatrist spends
    years with him and discovers he had nO MOTIVE in killing his sister.This is creepier than over-explaining him with pop-psychology cliches (“his mother was a stripper”- what an obvious move)

    The original icy-cold death mask(symbolic of his heart-lessess)is also WAY creepier than his knee-jerk “lets-make-it-look-realistic-post-90s-se7en-nin-grunge” redesign.

    the original was also a stylish nod to italian giallos.

    (and yeah,I KnOW it’s william shatner)

    bottom line,rob didnt GET it,or care to.

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